Pretty Close

Just wanted to update after my weigh-in visit with Dr. Z on Tuesday.  At my last appointment I told him to tell me to “lose 5 pounds” by my next appointment.  He laughed, repeated what I said – and, when he left, said “Ok, 193 next time!”.

So, using that as my marching orders, I got pretty close.  Not gonna lie, I was pretty much using full meal replacement the whole last week.  But I’m happy to report that I was very very close – I weighed in at 193.5 lbs.


See also: little blue star 🙂

Nothing much else to report.  I did loosen up my eating in the days that followed, per usual.  I gave myself a few days but am back on track today – and I’m heading out for a run in a few minutes.  I’m trying not to slide for 1-2 weeks before getting down to business, but I did “need” a few days.  I probably should evaluate why I feel like I do “need” those days (because earlier on in this journey I did not cave in to this).

Didn’t get to tennis this week because we had Hamilton tickets Tuesday night!  We loved it.  We had 2 sets of 2 tickets, about 12 rows apart – the boys weren’t quite as excited about seeing it as we were, so Erin and I sat together for the show.  It was a big bummer that Sarah couldn’t make it home for the show – of the 5 of us, she is the one that would have enjoyed it the most.

Oh, and seeing how successful this tactic was last month, Dr. Z simply said … “OK, let’s do 188 by next visit”.  So, that’s the next target!


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Dropping Down

I mentioned a few posts ago that I told Dr. Z that if he told me to lose 5 pounds by my next visit, that would be a good motivator for me to actually lose some weight.  I got off in the opposite direction with some weight gain after going to Texas right after my last visit, but I have been really focused for a couple of weeks and, for the first time in ages, my weight is dropping pretty consistently.  And, what is the big change lately? – I’m regularly running about 3 miles per day.  I’m at a pretty serious calorie deficit but feel pretty good.  For some reason, these 4-5 pounds I’ve recently lost have made a big difference in how I feel (this also may be related to running).  I’m really noticing it in how I feel (better!) and how my clothes fit.

It’s Presidents’ Day weekend, also my oldest’s 19th birthday today!  But, she is in Texas and … we are not.  It’s weird not having her around on her day!  She hasn’t even called home yet – but we did text a bit.  I guess I’m just glad that she is busy today and having too much fun to call home.  Today I also went to a planning meeting for my 30th high school reunion that we’ll have next fall.  Yikes, I feel old!

Paul and I went on a hike in the desert not too far from our house (maybe a 15 minute drive).  I don’t love hiking but it sounded better than my usual 3 mile run – and it gave us a chance to go do something together.  The hiking part wasn’t too hard but I really felt my low calorie intake and was a bit nauseous for a bit – it wasn’t awful though.

We had my husband’s company’s holiday party this weekend (yes, VERY late!) . The last few years they have opted to hold it in February instead of December – it was too hard to find a date that worked for many people around the holidays.  This year was pretty random, we headed to a ranch for a cowboy cookout and an evening of instruction in all things western – bow and arrow shooting, pistol shooting, tomahawk throwing, calf roping, and a quick draw contest.  They also had a bonfire and s’mores.  Since it is so close to my weigh-in, I didn’t overdo it – but I did eat more than I had planned, including a baked potato that was pretty darn good.

So, as you can see, we’ve been enjoying some gorgeous Arizona weather and taking advantage of outside time while we can.

I’m not sure if I’ll hit the magic “5 pound” mark when I weigh in on Tuesday but I think I’ll be pretty close.  I’ll update after my appointment.

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