The First Week

So Saturday I started.  Day 1 was actually pretty fun.  I switched things up every time it was time to eat – alternating between the bars and the shakes.  My doc put me on a high protein (Optifast HP) shake every morning to give me a protein boost.  He did this because of my “large frame”.

Day 2 (Sunday) was the same.  I didn’t really have any hunger issues and felt decently satisfied.  I did have a sample of the cream of chicken soup mix from my original sample pack so I tried that for dinner and it was OK – had a hard time getting the powder stirred into the hot water so I got a few nasty bites.  On the night of Day 2 I started getting a mild headache.  Dr. Z told me this was due to the ketosis my body would be entering.  It was really not a big deal but since I rarely, if ever, have headaches, it was noticeable.  Sunday night I handed out index cards with meals that I normally cook the family on them, along with a printed out weekly calendar.  I asked my hubby and the kids to write down everything they wanted for meals this week (including breakfast and lunch).  I couldn’t imagine anything worse than staring at the pantry every night and trying to think of something that would be good for them to eat when I was looking at another shake for the evening.

Day 3 (Monday) the kids went back to school.  This is probably when I did most of my “damage” with food in the past.  I would work for a while on housework, paperwork, etc. then “treat” myself with something fattening and catch a few minutes of something on my DVR.  Sometimes I did this more than once while they were at school – but I would always justify it as a “reward”.  On Monday I also returned to the gym – something that has been part of my routine for a long time.  I belong to Koko Fit Club Scottsdale and I love it.  I enjoy going – and it is fun to catch up with other moms there.  Exercise is a componenet in weight loss but especially in the maintenance phase.  I have been working out for a very long time – sometimes very hard – but only seem to be gaining weight.  But, I have a very good foundation and am very strong from lots of weight training.  Today I continued working on Week 4 of my C25K (Couch 2 5K) progam  (that I had started several weeks ago).   Despite my low calorie intake, I had no problem keeping up with the running.  I also did the elliptical for 15 minutes.  I feel like this will be a great help in this journey.  After working out, I did all of the grocery and Costco shopping for the week.  This was challenging but I survived.  Monday evening I started getting the headaches again.  I also got caught at my daughter’s gymnastics gym much much longer than I thought and didn’t have my bars or shakes.  That is NOT a good idea.  Gotta remember to always keep one in my purse for emergencies.

Day 4 (Tuesday)  Dr. Z left me a short but nice voicemail checking up on me and told me to make sure to call if I have any issues or questions.  I really like that I have an actual medical doctor keeping tabs on me.  This low calorie/rapid weight loss idea seems to be bordering on dangerous and I’m glad he is in my corner.  I also did weights at Koko.  In the afternoon, I took my first class at SWL.  Courses are included with the program fees and there are 20+ different classes offered which you can kinda take in any order.  This is a major part of the program because, eventually, we will be off this easy liquid diet and need to learn how to get a handle on eating correctly and fix issues that were causing us to over-eat.  This class today was on Time Management.  I’m starting to realize how important getting organized is to managing my stress and over-eating.  With 3 kids, I find that the “piles of crap” really stress me out and send me to the pantry for a bite to eat much too often. This is thought provoking and moving to a high priority.  Not having to worry about meal preparation for me should free up some time to address some of these hot spots.

Day 5 (Wednesday) I can tell some weight is leaving me – probably just water weight but it is noticeable in areas on my body.  Our stupid bathroom scale shows up to a 5 pound difference even stepping on it 3 times in a row.  Very frustrating.  The numbers seem to be drifting downward though.  I continued the C25K program.  I felt good with the cardio portion but my legs were very tired for the 2nd half of the jogging.

Day 6 (Thursday)  Returned to Koko in the morning for weight training then had my first follow up appointment with Dr. Z.  First they drew blood and put me on the scale – I lost 9 pounds since Saturday!  Absolutely amazing.  The scale can identify your body composition too and most of it was water weight but I also lost about 3 pounds of fat.  That was great to see!  Dr. Z and I talked about target heart rates and he said I should aim for burning 2500 calories/week by any means possible and however I wanted (a little every day, more every other day, etc.).

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2 Responses to The First Week

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am loving reading this, thanks for your posts 🙂 I am excited to read on 🙂


  2. Maggie says:


    Today is my first day of the Optifast 800 diet and I’m excited but nervous. Thank you for your blog, I have gone back to “How it started” and will make my way to the present. Hope you are well!




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