How it All Started

I am nearing the end of Day 6 on the Optifast plan and thought I would start a blog to document my journey.  It will be good to look back on when things get more challenging and possibly encourage others on their own journey.

My doctor’s office, Scottsdale Weight Loss Center (SWL) provided a “sample bag” to purchase one of each flavor of the Optifast products (bars, shakes, and soups).  By my first appointment I had only tried a bar and shake – just to make sure I could handle the taste of them before I was committed to this program.  I actually thought everything I tried was pretty good…so I was encouraged.

I met with Sheila, the center’s patient coordinator, on Monday before all this started.  I had a emotional breakdown in her office but she was so kind.  I had already talked to a friend about her success with SWL, so I had a pretty good idea what was involved.

The next morning I went back in for my lab work.  They did a fasting blood test, urinalysis, and an EKG, along with a bunch of different measurements – and photos (yuck!)

On Friday morning I met Dr. Ziltzer.  One of the big reasons I chose this practice was that I had known of the Ziltzer family for many years.  My kids’ pediatrician is in the same practice as Dr. Ziltzer’s wife and I’m pretty sure his brother-in-law was the OB anesthesiologist that successfully got my epidural in for baby #3 (not so lucky with babies #1 and #2).  Anyway, I have had a high-regard for the family and knew they had been around for a while and had excellent reputations.  Dr. Ziltzer went over my lab reports.  The not great news was that my triglycerides were crazy high and I also have high cholesterol – and high “bad” cholesterol.  This was not shocking news – I have heard it before.  The good news was that I was not in the diabetic or pre-diabetic category.

I left the office on Friday with a 2 week’s supply of the Optifast foods.  This is all I can eat, 5 times a day (approximately every 2.5-4 hours).  I was also given a prescription for an appetite suppressant that might also help boost my metabolism.

That night was my husband’s birthday.  I had my last meal at one of our favorite Mexican food places – a margarita, lots of chips and salsa, and a shrimp chimichanga.

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