Sick of my shakes…

Well, I think the initial excitement of starting on this program has worn off and the true reality of eating and drinking the same things day in and day out is starting to set in.  I really struggled with it the past few days.  I think the main problem is that my supply is starting to dwindle down a little and I’m left with flavors, etc. that I guess I don’t like as much.  The vanilla shakes in particular are starting to not taste so great – and that is what I have most of.

My stomach has still not been totally great so I have been messing with adding fiber and trying different kinds of fiber.  Dr. Z also asked me if I was lactose intolerant (I didn’t think I was – but I have had stomach issues prior to starting Optifast) and he suggested trying the Lactaid if things didn’t improve.  So Monday I tried a bunch of fiber (switched from capsules to a recommended dose of Benefiber) and the Lactaid after the shakes.  Well, yesterday I felt pretty awful.  So, I went the opposite direction and added no fiber or Lactaid…and so far, today, I feel much better.

I have continued to exercise but since I didn’t feel so great yesterday I just did some light(er) cardio.  Dr. Z suggested a heart rate in the 140’s which I normally exceed when working on my running couch-to-5K program.  Yesterday I wore my POLAR heart rate monitor and did 30 minutes on the treadmill and 15 on the elliptical and tried to maintain a 140-150 bpm rate.  It was actually very nice.  I worked up a decent sweat but it didn’t push me too hard.  This is supposedly the best zone for me to burn fat.  I think it is important to work on the running too but I need to listen to my body (heart rate) more.

So today I am in a better place.  I made a “frappachino” with some blended iced coffee and the vanilla Optifast HP shake it tasted much better.  I was supposed to have jury duty today but we were released so I feel like I got a *bonus day*.  I’m going to take the day off from the gym and continue working on my son’s dresser project that is taking FOREVER.  I’m excited about it though because it is looking pretty cool.

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