3rd Weigh In … 5 pounds down (19 total since start)

Well, it has been quite a week so I’ve got some catching up to do.

This weigh-in was another quick one with the medical assistant since Dr. Z was out of town speaking at a conference.  I was pretty happy with a 5 pound loss in one week.  I am getting a little tired of the shakes (maybe it is the clean-up of the shake blenders, etc.) so I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Z next week to get the potassium supplement prescription so I can add more bars to my daily routine (we are limited to 2 bars unless adding potassium).  But, I can make it one more week like this.

I discovered that I like Diet Cherry 7-Up with the vanilla Optifast shake.  Trying to find more diet soda flavors in our grocery but haven’t had much luck other than orange, rootbeer and the 7-up flavors.  I do use the Tourani sugar-free syrup.  So far, I have only purchased the coconut syrup and that mixes well with the chocolate shakes.  I’m adding Hershey’s cocoa powder to my chocolate shakes too at my doc’s recommendation – he callls it “brownie batter”.

I have a kid home sick all week and my husband is traveling so I’m proud that I haven’t let stress eating get the better of me.  Furthermore, my father-in-law is not doing well at all and the family is starting to come together for his final days.

I took one class this week and REALLY enjoyed it.  It was called “What Makes You Tick?”.  The class was taught by a Lisa Galper, a psychologist who is an expert on emotional eating.  When she first walked in, I thought “oh geez, what does this super skinny doctor know about losing weight?”  Well, it turns out, she has had her own significant weight loss journey and has great insight.  Here is a link to her web page – I’m looking forward to reading some of her books, etc.



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