Week 5 … 5 pounds down (27 total since start)

Howdy.  Well this was another good week – 5 pounds down!  Wahooooooooo!  I really put some quality time in at Koko FitClub this week so I’m glad I had positive results!  Even better is that quite a few people are noticing my weight loss now.  Someone told me I was “disappearing”!  Yesterday I dug out one of my old favorite pair of jeans and they fit SO well.  I might wear them every day now 🙂

Even my baby girl “flips for joy” over her mom’s weight loss.  Just kidding – this was from her Trampoline & Tumbling meet on Sunday – 1st place out of 13 girls!  So proud!

Going to 3+ bars has been a good change.  I like having the flexibility in the evenings – if I want another bar then I can have one.  Most days I choose this option but not always.  I just take the potassium supplement with the 3rd bar.

I attended 2 classes this week.  On Tuesday the class was called “Food is a Social Event” (taught by dietician and fitness trainer, Tiffani Bachus) – basically it addressed strategies for not over-eating at parties, etc.  She gave us a few good tips – like eating something healthy before the party so you don’t arrive starving and unable to not dive in to the spread of food.  Other suggestions:  Being careful with alcohol, drinking lot of water to fill you up, making a small plate of food and enjoying it instead of grazing for hours.  She also suggested, when possible, to pick another activity with friends that doesn’t involve food at all – like hiking, walking, etc.  So, all of these are pretty obvious things but I think we all need reminders.  It all seems so hard though…this instructor is really fit and thin and I guess it just makes me see how much “effort” and self-control people like that need.  Clearly I have never had that – and growing up skinny certainly didn’t help me learn those lessons!

The other class, the next day and by the same instructor, was a re-do of “Taking Fitness to the Next Level”.  The last time I took the class I didn’t feel like I got a lot out of it so I decided to try again with a different instructor (this is actually encouraged by Scottsdale Weight Loss to give you several viewpoints on a subject).  This time the class was made up of more people similar to me – those that already work out regularly and were looking for some specific insight/suggestions.  Tiffani gave some specific examples of people she trains at her fitness class – ones that kept doing very high energy spin classes 5 days a week.  One of them changed things up a bit – added more protein/food to her diet with her workouts, added weight training and other cardio rather than high intensity spin classes – and she actually lost more weight.  This was encouraging and made sense.  My workouts at Koko already incorporate quite a bit of this thinking but I do realize now that slower, easier walks on the treadmill or easy elliptical workouts might be beneficial since they keep me in a fat burning zone longer.  Having some “easy” days actually makes me more inclined to go to the gym too instead of dreading another intense workout.  So I tried some of that this week and, with a 5 pound loss, I can’t say it hurt anything!  Tiffani also asked us to think about the activity that we really enjoyed as a child – basketball, gymnastics, dance, etc. – and to think about re-incorporating that back into our lives even if that seems impossible or crazy.  We can start by just doing the activity in the privacy of our home.  There was a 52 year old woman at the gymnastics meet performing a trampoline routine and trying to get some of the parents to sign up for trampoline classes – she gave her testimony about how it has brought her joy and changed her life.  I thought she was nuts.  Now I wonder if she was on to something.  I’m pretty sure I’m exceeding any trampoline weight restrictions currently – maybe in a few months….

And finally Friday night I hosted my beloved Bunco mamas at our house.  We all take turns hosting about once a year.  We haven’t actually played Bunco more than a handful of times in the past 5 years – it is just a great excuse to get together with drinks and food and hang out.  Well, since I’m not eating or drinking, I decided to take it easy this year and not try to cook a bunch of stuff.  I ordered dessert from a yummy bakery and ordered PeiWei party trays for food.  Easy peasy.  It was a little difficult not eating but I don’t really enjoy the food much when I’m hosting anyway since I’m running around getting stuff ready, etc.

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