Gettin’ Organized

It has been a good week although I will admit I was a little disappointed in my weigh-in results this morning.  I have been exercising SO (sweaty) MUCH this past week and I only saw a 2.5 pound loss.  Not that I’m complaining.  Back when I did Weight Watchers, a 2.5 pound drop was considered pretty big – I guess I had just gotten used to the 4-5 pounds every week and was hoping for something similar, especially after all the time at the gym.  Dr. Z did remind me that most weight loss is going to be from diet, not exercise.  So, since I stayed 100% compliant with the plan, I really cannot and will not get down on myself.  I’m sure I added a little muscle mass along the way too.

So, in summary, a few days shy of 6 weeks I am down 29 pounds!

I attended one class this week and it was “What’s Your Plan?” with
Kim Feinstein PsyD.  The timing of this class was pretty good because I have been really looking at the major causes of my over-eating and have identified a big factor – the stress and clutter of my house.  In general, our house is pretty neat and clean but there are certain areas that quickly become dumping grounds for me and our 3 children (my husband, being one of 6 kids, learned early in his life to put his stuff away immediately and I rarely can fault him for creating any of the mess).  Perhaps the biggest “problem area” is the desk in our great room/kitchen (not to be confused with the desk in my office – a totally different story).  This 3 feet of desktop, along with some horribly disfunctional drawers and cabinets, is where all of the school papers, receipts, “things to save”, “things I need to remember”, “electronics with batteries that need charging” … along with the occasional kids’ toy, clothing, etc.  I would guess that 95% of all households with kids have the same problem area.  However, I seem to get incredibly frustrated when I look at it – and since it is in the center of our house – that happens very often.  Aaaaand, guess what is on the shared wall of this family desk????  THE PANTRY.  THE PANTRY WITH CHEETOS.  So, in the past, when I would go to look for something, I wouldn’t be able to find it easily, or a large avalanche or crap would fall on me from the cabinet, or I would get distracted by something else that I *did* find and, before I know it, I am sitting on the couch with a bowl of Cheetos??!!??

So, at our class this week, Dr. Kim had us work through some exercises on goal setting.  A goal that is “S.M.A.R.T….specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and relevent, and tied to a deadline”.  I chose my goal to be to tackle the desk.  I gave myself until next Tuesday but yesterday I had a rare chunk of unscheduled time before the kids got home from school and I dove right in.  And, I’m happy to say, it looks SO much better.  I still have a few things to figure out a place for but I am thrilled with what I accomplished already.

It amazes me how much perspective (and free time) I have gained by not worrying about food – or not having “snacking” as a mechanism of dealing with whatever is stressing me out.  It is my goal that the problem areas of my home will be all organized better so that when I am done with Optifast and return to eating regular food, I will have less stress and have learned to deal with it better.  As I may have mentioned earlier, I see it so clearly now…  Next up:  the laundry room and my office!

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3 Responses to Gettin’ Organized

  1. Good job lady!! I’ve discovered too that a major problem for me is being unorganized so I’m encouraged by your goal & completing it early!! Nice!!


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  3. I am only in my first week of plan, but am finding that I am reading more and my floors are cleaner. So far in your blog, I am more motivated to move more. I wasn’t sure if I should wait a week with light activity to let my body get used to the lower calores. I love blogs so much that I just might start doing the same thing.


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