A Good Weekend

I needed this weekend.  We are in-between sports seasons, theater shows, etc. and the whole family was able to do some different things out on their own.  My son finally had an open weekend to go camping with his Boy Scout troop – something he hasn’t been able to do since their summer camp due to basketball games every weekend this fall.  My husband wanted to get up to our cabin in northern Arizona to get the heat on since they had the first snowfall in the mountains last weekend.  He took our oldest daughter and my mother-in-law.  I decided to stay “home” and have a mellow but fun girls’ weekend with our youngest daughter.  Boy did she have a huge break-through with her gymnastics on Friday night.  She has been working on the last skill she needs to compete in Level 6 and has just not been able to get it.  There have been many many tears and a little bad attitude – and I have been called into the coach’s office to discuss it a couple of times too.  The skill is called a “barani” – basically a front flip with a 180 degree twist.  I think she was scared, more than anything.  I have spent countless hours talking to her about – both encouraging and, in a few cases, somewhat reprimanding her since “refusing to try” doesn’t fly well with me with all of the money we spend on her training and tanks of gas to get her to practice.  Anyway, while out shopping Friday night while she was at practice, I got this picture text message from her coach and it pretty much made my day…my week.

So, what does this have to do with Optifast?  Well, quite a bit for me.  I probably let my “coaching” of my kids take over my life a little too much.  If, despite my best intentions, things were not working out very well – I take it on as stress and, in the past, consumed way too many calories by not paying attention to my food intake or not making decent healthy meals more of a priority.  This weekend was a nice glimpse of what it can be like to slow down and enjoy different opportunities.  Right after Thanksgiving we will be back in full swing with the activities again.  So hard to find the balance (especially with 3 kids) of having that down time yet allowing and encouraging them to find that which makes their heart happy in sports and the arts.  All I know is that properly nourishing my body – along with theirs – needs to rise in priority.

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One Response to A Good Weekend

  1. Kathy says:

    You definitely seem to have a very busy and full life! I totally agree with you … taking care of yourself has to be just as important as taking care of your lovely family. Easier said than done I realize, but so important.


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