Finding other things to celebrate…

After several days of the bathroom scale not moving much, I decided that I need to find other things to celebrate.  I know I shouldn’t be weighing myself so much but it is what I do.  I tend to get excited about the low numbers but I am also OK when it is higher than I was hoping or thought it would be.  I think the close monitoring helps me see how much it fluctuates during the day and I try to just watch for the “trend” downward.  It doesn’t help any that our bathroom scale can literally read a 1-2 pound swing even when stepping on it 10 seconds apart.

Since my body seems to be comfy where it is at right now, I thought it was a good time to look at something that is as much, if not more, important…my waistline measurement.  At Scottsdale Weight Loss, they give you a green ribbon on the first day that is the exact length of your starting waist-line.  It was a depressingly long piece of ribbon.  I keep it in my bathroom drawer and pull it out once in a while.  Last night I got it out to see how things were going…after attempting to take a photo while holding it around my waist, I gave up and just set it on the counter.

That’s a good 2.5″ inches … GONE!  I decided to press my luck a little further this morning.  Not even a week ago I was thrilled that I was able to fit into one of my old favorite pair of jeans that I have not able to wear for at least a year.  I decided last night, however, that even they might be getting a little bit too loose (wow!)  I had set aside several stacks of jeans that were too small and this morning I decided to see if I might be ready for them – the first pair I grabbed slid right on and zipped right up…without a struggle!  It felt awesome!!  That is the kind of motivation I need when the scale just doesn’t want to cooperate.

So, I’ve been thinking about other goals that aren’t related to the number on the scale.  A biggie for me is to get my wedding ring off!  I am soooo embarrassed to say this but I have not had it off in a couple of years (at least).  At some point it just got too tight (I wasn’t in the habit of removing it very often before I gained so much weight).  Come to think of it, that might have been a good measuring stick for me when I am in maintenance.  If I start having trouble getting them off and on again, I have a problem.  Anyway, for now, they are still stuck ON.  I’m not sure if losing a bunch more weight is going to change the situation but they are loosening up quite a bit so I am hopeful…

I am happy to say that as of this morning, the scale seems to be heading downwards again.  But I’m glad I came across a few things to focus on in the meanwhile.  I’ll have to keep these (and hopefully add a few more) in my bag of tricks for the next time!

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2 Responses to Finding other things to celebrate…

  1. That’s funny you mention wedding rings…mine are getting so loose I need them resized..yeah!!! Keep up the good work & trying on your jeans!!


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