Surviving and Thriving ~ Thanksgiving Weekend

The family just left to go out for dinner.  I opted to stay home this time -probably should have gone with them but it is nice to have a quiet house to myself too!   They were going for burgers and fries and that sounds a little too good to me right now.

Did not weigh in this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  The (bathroom) scale has been progressing downward nicely though so all is well.

Prior to going over to my in-law’s house for dinner, my family went up the street to a neighborhood park for an annual tradition called “Turkey Bowl”.  It is basically just a bunch of parents and kids hanging out at the park with lots of alcohol and treats.  I took a big rolling cooler of water and Diet Coke to keep my hands and mouth occupied and away from the goodies.  Several people called me “skinny” when we got there – I’m about 70 pounds away from that but it sure was nice to hear!  I even got in on a few pictures – something I’ve been working on doing (I’m on the left) ….

After talking to Dr. Z last week, I decided to have 4 oz. of turkey on Thanksgiving along with some veggies.  It sure was great to sit down with everyone and eat some real food.  The turkey was absolutely awesome.  I also had a few pieces of celery and some dry salad.  I took about a dime-sized (if that) spoonful of mashed potatoes just to get the taste with my turkey.  I really didn’t feel very deprived – I guess I was just so excited to have TURKEY!

I have been noticing lately that my hunger is increasing – especially in the evenings.  I try to eat every 3 hours, as prescribed, but I’m noticing the hunger at about the 2 hour mark pretty often.  The phentermine does not really seem to be having an effect.  The only thing I can really attribute that to is the exercising but this week I really backed off on that.  So, I’m not sure why the hunger is increasing now, this far into the program.  It doesn’t drive me crazy or anything – I’m just noticing it.  I’m also trying to think about what I would have eaten vs. what I would eat now if I were on maintenance.  In the past I probably would have had some sort of carbs or chips – now I think I would probably go for some protein – chicken breast, cold shrimp, or even dairy … like string cheese??

Koko FitClub also installed their “FitCheck” machine last week and I’ve checking in with that every time I’ve been to the gym.  Basically the equipment is a body composition analyzer (an expensive medical grade one) and it reports and tracks your lean body mass online along with my strength training results.  This will be a great tool to make sure I’m not losing too much “good stuff” with my weight loss.  I think the strength training is especially important to keep up with.  Since last week, my lean body mass has stayed pretty even but my weight has dropped at least 6-8 pounds.  So, I gotta believe that a decent chunk of that is fat.  The scale at the clinic will break that part down.  The data/engineering geek in me loves this stuff…

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