New Adventure(s) for the Lighter Me!

indoor sky diveLast summer we were talking to a retired couple about their experiences at an indoor sky-diving facility located outside of Phoenix.  The area (Eloy, AZ) is wide open desert land and a very popular place for real sky-diving as well.  I have NEVER had any interest in *real* sky-diving but I always thought that the indoor wind-tunnels would be really fun – and after hearing about how much fun the couple had trying it, I was even more interested.  Finally, one day I tentatively looked up the information on their website with a lot of trepidation because I knew what I was going to learn – I exceeded their weight limit restrictions.

I put the thought out of my mind but yesterday I received one of those million Groupon-type of emails and saw a great deal on the skydiving place (SkyVentureAZ).  Suddenly an exciting thought crossed my mind – I might be light enough now!  Sure enough, at my current weight, I am just under the 230 pound weight restriction!  I quickly text’d my husband (who is REALLY afraid of heights) about trying this and he was, surprisingly, all for it.  So, we are going to make a “date” weekend out of it sometime early next year.

I am so excited to get to move forward through one of the first new “doors” that has been opened by my weight loss.  I’d love to zip-line, etc. and I’m getting closer to those possiblities as well.  Now that I won’t be rewarding myself with food, I’ll have to look for things even better – life experiences!

To see how much fun it looks click here.

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2 Responses to New Adventure(s) for the Lighter Me!

  1. SO AWESOME!!! I smiled throughout reading this, congrats on your progress!

    BTW, the same thing happened to me (I was at Niagara Falls, ON and wanted to do this so badly but was over the weight limit by oooh 80 lbs)…looking forward to reading of your experience!


    • Thanks! We’re hoping to make a little trip out of it and stay at a resort in Tucson for the night. It will be a while until we can figure out a good weekend to get away with all of the kids’ sports seasons starting now. Too much to leave with grandma to keep track of!


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