Wowzers, what a busy busy week and weekend!

This was exactly the sort of week that would normally throw my eating into a tailspin. Fortunately, with a little careful planning, I have gotten through the worst of it food-wise, although I was definitely not close to being on “full (Opti-)fast”.

Friday started off with my weekly weigh-in at Scottsdale Weight Loss.  I didn’t see Dr. Z this week but did see the medical assistant, Jaimie.  I was down another 3.5 pounds, bringing the total loss to 39.5 pounds.

I mentioned to her that my best friend was in town for the day and that it was going to be a little tough not drinking and eating out with her.  I was planning on haviIMG_2674ng a little bit of protein and dry salad at a restaurant and was toying with the idea of drinking a beer (Michelob Ultra is my beer of choice).  I thought Jaimie was going to tell me something along the lines of “you’ve made it this far” and “you can be strong and not have any of that stuff” but instead she said something like “this is a lifelong process and you have to live your life”.  I thought about it quite a bit and she was right.  I was so fixated on staying on full-fast and not “cheating” but this day of fun with my friend has been on my calendar long before I started this program. I knew that this would be a day to celebrate with my friend and not spend it eating an Optifast bar and shake at a restaurant.  Don’t get me wrong, I have done that quite a few times already and will continue to do so, but this was one of those once-a-year-at-most events and I already knew that I wanted to do things differently.  So, I made a decision to bend “my” rules a little bit while still following the basic program.  I decided that I would have a roasted chicken breast and dressing-free salad off the childrens’ menu at the restaurant we went to (which, by the way, was really good and sooo fun because we sat out on the patio of a bar in Scottsdale on a *gorgeous* day).   So it wasn’t a full-fast Opti-fast meal but it also wasn’t stupid.

After a little shopping and a trip to get manis/pedis, we headed back to our house to hang out on our patio.  At this point we would usually consume many many many cocktails.  I decided to have one Michelob Ultra.  After 9 weeks without drinking, it sure was good and was all I wanted or needed.  I got to have the experience of sharing a drink with my friend and not feeling deprived.  Was it smart?  Maybe not, but I doubt I did any real damage.  Some would question (like my husband) if Michelob Ultra is actually alcohol … haha.

With the clock ticking on our last hours together, we headed out to another popular shopping area to another bar/restaurant.  Again we scored a prime table outside and this time I struggled to find something healthy on the menu – didn’t really want another salad and chicken breast.  So, I decided to really go crazy and get the world’s smallest steak with grilled veggies.  I also had the world’s smallest little beer (again, Mic Ultra).  The steak was awesome and very lean and I learned that I even like grilled zucchini.  Best of all, I got to hang out with my friend and enjoy the evening and not feel guilty.  I made fairly wise choices – much better choices than I would have 9 weeks ago.

Our family had a super full agenda on Saturday – football practice, gymnastics practice (which we ended up skipping because my daughter was sick), theater rehearsal for daughter #1, 2 basketball games way up north of Phoenix – one at 3pm and one at 5pm, AND, one more little thing – we hosted my husband’s company’s Christmas party AT OUR HOUSE at 6pm (note, the basketball game ended at 6pm).  So, I spent my spare nanosecond at the house cleaning and getting ready and my husband stayed home with the sick one and continued to get ready whilst I drove around all day.  By 6:45pm when I came home with a car full of yummy smelling catered food for the party, I was so hungry.  Our house was FULL of alcohol, yummy appetizers, the dinner I had been inhaling in the car, and about 6 homemade desserts (including “extra” party trays brought by the guests for us after the party as house-warming gifts).  AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHH!  After greeting everyone briefly, I grabbed a chocolate Optifast shake and my blender cup and snuck out of view for a minute and made a shake….then I filled a red Solo cup with ice and poured my shake into it.  Nobody had a clue that I was having my dinner during cocktail hour.  It worked out great.  I did have about 10 cold shrimps from the shrimp cocktail – pretty lean protein – just to put something on a plate.  Cold shrimp is my new party food – fairly good for me I think if I just have a few.  I also had a nano-bite of a few of the desserts that people brought to be polite.  Just barely a taste.  Again, no guilt.  This is the holidays – I can have a small taste.

So what if my weight loss is slightly less this week – I made some serious progress with planning and following through with health(ier) choices.  That’s what it is all about!

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One Response to Craziness!

  1. Good on ya! Optifast is temporary, weight management is forever. There are going to be holidays, vacations, birthdays, etc.–our task isn’t to avoid them, but to figure out how to fit them into our lives. I think you should be quite proud of yourself! 🙂

    Congrats on your latest loss!


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