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** This post has a lot of data – if that sort of thing makes you go to sleep then just move along … nothing to see here **

So I have mentioned a few times that I work out at Koko Fit Club – Scottsdale. I have belonged to a few gyms in my years and stayed with many of them for quite a while. But this gym has one unique feature – I have actually kept going for almost 2 straight years. Sure there were a couple of weeks here and there when I just got too busy or sick that I didn’t make it in but, overall, I have been a consistent and participating member.

The beauty of Koko is that the machines tell you what to do. I got so intimidated and/or frustrated with other gyms and their huge weight rooms because I didn’t know exactly what to lift, how much to lift, how many to lift, etc. I did get a personal trainer for a month or so and he gave me a plan but it was extremely expensive and after moving off on my own and working out with his plan forever it got old. Koko gives you a jump-drive on a lanyard that you plug into the machine for every workout and then you basically just do exactly what it says – it is almost like a game because you follow the lifting pace on a computer screen and try to keep up.

After the 12th and 24th strength workout, the Koko SmartTrainer has you perform a strength test to see if your strength has improved in each of the 4 areas it tracks. While on Optifast thusfar, I felt like I was maintaining my strength during the weight training. I will say that the workouts have been getting harder and harder though as I have dropped the weight. On Friday I did my first strength test since losing the 40 pounds and I was a little disappointed. The drop was very very noticeable. I started on Optifast on October 6th – so the decline has been pretty steady since then even though I have been working out more.


Obviously the weight loss is way more important to me. But this is the first “measurable” data that shows the changes in my strength. Koko has recently unveiled a FitCheck device which is similar to the Tanita scale used at the clinic. The FitCheck measures Total Lean Body Mass every time you work out and also tracks it. Here is mine so far – not much change because it is so new:

lean muscle level

This graph is nice because from November 18th to December 10th I lost approximately 10 pounds but my lean body mass has barely changed. I’m hanging on to my muscle mass – I just must be losing the strength along the way. As I continue my weight loss, I’m hoping that this number doesn’t drop too much – we want the FAT to go away, not the good stuff. Dr. Z tracks this info at Scottsdale Weight Loss as well.

The good news is that Koko also calculates what they call a “Q” score. This is created by “combining your strength test results and pace score with your profile and most recent FitCheck measurement. The Koko “Q” Score is an easy and accurate way to track your Smartraining progress and compare your individual strength and fitness level to others in Koko Nation.” This number shows the real picture – as my weight and BMI has dropped, my “Q” Score has been increasing – even though my strength has decreased. Losing weight has a positive effect on my “fitness level”.


I HATE to spin my wheels. I LOVE to know that the extremely precious and limited time I have to workout is actually paying off. I LOVE the feedback I get from this.

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One Response to Workout Data

  1. mje2002 says:

    This is really interesting! I also love to watch my progress with charts. I currently work out at Curves since I just needed something to get me started. I don’t think they’re very accurate in their assessment of your fitness but I like it for now anyway. I’m interested in Koko’s system. I’ll see if I can find that at a gym near me. Thanks again for the effort you put into posting!!


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