Looking Ahead

Well hello.  Wow, I’m in a good mood.  Maybe because I have the fireplace on in our house and it looks a little ‘wintery’ outside – these are things to celebrate in Phoenix!

A few days ago I mentioned that on top of a busy weekend, I also ate more real food since starting on Optifast. You can read about what I ate here.  In addition to that, I also added some party-leftover shrimp cocktail to my afternoons during the week (maybe 6 or so per day).  I did this because I have been having hunger issues and Dr. Z suggested adding yet another Optifast HP shake.  But at $5/shake, I thought eating some lean and more appealing protein that I already HAD (and noone else in my family will eat) in my fridge was an option.  It really helped with the hunger issues and got me through my hectic after-school afternoons.

I had my appointment at Scottsdale Weight Loss with Dr. Z and I was down another 4 pounds (44 total – almost 10 weeks).  I was really happy to see that adding in some sensible meals didn’t derail things too much.


I am just about at the halfway point now.  I am so proud of how far I have come.  I feel so much healthier for ME, for my kids, for my husband.  I have energy to throw the football around with them and not just want to sit on the couch every time I was tired (often).  They are so proud of me too and that just makes my heart swell!

The next 3 months are going to be absolutely crazy.  First we have Christmas in less than 2 weeks (how did THAT happen!?!).  I had some stupid idea to let my son play competetive basketball AND tackle football simultaneously (that gives him Fridays as his only day without some sort of practice – he even practices on Sundays). My youngest daughter will be well into her competetive gymnastics season after January 1st.  And last, but certainly not least – my oldest daughter is in a youth theater production of Willy Wonka and I am one of the main “prop builders” which means many many hours of building fake candy, chocolate bars, giant gum balls, etc.  Her rehearsals are long and frequent and then we move down to the theater with long nights of tech week rehearsals followed by no less than 8 shows (many of which I work backstage with the props).  So, the point of all that is that normally when things are crazy (and I haven’t done proper meal planning) we resort to cruising through many drive-thrus.  I am very thankful that this busy season, I’ll have the Optifast products to sustain me.  When February comes to an end, I should be nearing my goal weight – or at least be at an appropriate point for a good transition plan.

There will be some occasions though, when appropriate, that I will have a “real food” meal off the partial meal plan.  This consists of 4 ounces of a lean protein (chicken breast, shrimp, cottage cheese, etc. are some options), steamed low starch veggies, salad, and my plan also includes fruit.  It is time to start doing a “date night” with my husband at a real restaurant.  It is time to have a meal with my family once in a while if the rare opportunity presents itself.  I am ready.  I took the first half off at a pretty fast rate.  I am OK with the second half being a little slower.  I read a little too much on other blogs and I’m getting nervous about being on full-fast for a long time – there seem to be some emotional and physical side effects that I’d like to avoid.  I think getting real food into the plan sooner, rather than later, might be good for me. I do know that Dr. Z is incredibly supportive (as are the other people at the clinic) and I’m glad they are along for the ride.


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One Response to Looking Ahead

  1. Kathy says:

    Congrats on a great loss! It’s so amazing how things have changed in such a short period of time. Everybody has a different experience when losing the weight and you definitely have to listen to your body. I think it’s healthy to add in some “real” food that won’t knock you out of ketosis while you’re on the fast because it’ll make the transition going back to regular eating that much easier.


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