XMAS Day + 1

Is there a better day than the day after Christmas?  As a mom, I am finding this day pretty great.  The presents are opened, the kids are busy, the food is pretty much already cooked, and nobody has many more expectations of your time and energy.  I think for many, this is pajama day!  I got a great gift from my hubby – a new bike!  Sad to say, it has been a few years since I have been on one.  I’m looking forward to taking my kids (and very small dog – haha) on bike rides.  We went out for a spin yesterday – Warner, our 4 lb. 2 year-old schnoodle – was not too interested in getting in the basket but really seemed to like it once we got going!

IMG_2861  IMG_2862

Somehow I made the mistake of scheduling my weekly weigh-in early this morning. I did not welcome my alarm clock going off – on a day when nobody else had to be up in our house.  Even the dog had no interest in getting up with me.  But I needed Optifast product and, in a way, getting my weigh-in over with so I can “start fresh” was needed.  I only registered a .5 pound loss this week but since my monthly visitor is here and I ate quite a bit “off plan”, I’ll take it.  The scale at Scottsdale Weight Loss did show a 2 pound fat loss so that is good news!  Although I did not hit the 50 pound total loss this week, my ‘fat mass’ has now dropped below 100 pounds (98.5) so I’ll celebrate that!

I did eat quite a bit “off plan” this weekend and into the holiday.  I made the decision last week that I would allow myself to do this.  I had day after day planned with friends and family.  As I mentioned in my last post, Dr. Z said that if I wanted to drink beer at a party I was going to on Saturday, I had to “earn them”.  So I calclulated that 2 Michelob Ultra beers would be about 200 calories and I ran them off at the gym Saturday morning.  I did my regular weights workout then ran/walked for 30 minutes.  I did run another 1/2 mile straight at 5.0 mph which is awesome for me!  I really enjoyed myself at the party because I had done the work beforehand.  I also took along some caesar salad and cold cooked shrimp and made myself a plate so I could eat with everyone.  It was a pot-luck party and I had made 2 huge pans of cheesy scalloped potatoes from scratch.  Wow, they looked and smelled good but I only had a small fork-full to taste them.  On Sunday night we got together with good friends and ordered Chinese food.  I made an extremely small bowl – this time not so healthy stuff.  I had a little chicken friend rice, some other fried chicken stuff and some plain white rice.  Obviously I should have had some veggies but I hate them (this is an issue).  I’m not too proud of this meal but at least it was really really small.  Then Monday night was Christmas Eve and we had my dad over for a steak dinner.  I ate about 4 ounces of a filet mignon along with some grilled shrimp.  I also had a very small baked potato – which was heavenly.  There might have been some butter and sour cream involved too.  Again, not ideal – but small and controlled at least.  Finally, last night we had my husband’s entire (25+) family over for Christmas dinner and we did Italian.  Oh my, the house was FULL of good stuff.  I had a small caesar salad (with the dressing), more shrimp cocktail, one meatball and several strands of pasta, and a small sampling of Christmas goodies – half cookies, small cuts of fudge, homemade caramel popcorn, etc.  Was it the healthiest?  No way.  But it was probably 10% of the calories I ate last Christmas.  The fact that I lost any weight this week means I didn’t go crazy.  I am glad I didn’t have any more alcohol – I stuck with my plan on that and only had that at the party on Saturday.  Most of all, I felt very satisfied and not guilty.

I think tomorrow we are heading up north to our cabin in the mountains.  I’m looking forward to getting away and relaxing by the fire.  It will be a little challenging though because since there is not a lot to do up there, I often overeat out of boredom I guess.  Since life slows down, I find myself spending time I usually don’t have baking or making yummy snacks.  We found a great Mexican food place up there too and my hubby and I often get away one of the nights for a date-night that includes margaritas and lots of food.  These are all things I associate with the cabin and look forward to.  I have a hard time thinking I’ll enjoy it up there eating / drinking Optifast the whole time.  I need to realize that the food is not what it is about – it is spending time with family and re-charging my “batteries”.

I hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to 2013.  Many of us will be healthier than we have been in a very long time as the clock strikes midnight!  Here’s to our continued success!

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