Cabin Fever

Hello from Overgaard, AZ. Ever heard of it? Probably not. I am attempting to write this on an iPad WordPress App from a recliner in our cabin – with the dog on my lap. We’ll see how it goes.

I am back to full-fast on the Optifast products as we push ahead into 2013. I’m glad I took a week or so to go to a more “partial plan”. I was really ready to eat some real food. But, for the most part, that is behind me now. I’m down just about 50 pounds but I have about another 40-50 pounds to go.

We do not get up to our cabin very often these days. The kids’ sports and theater schedules make it impossible to get away as a family much any more. We bought the cabin in 2001, when we only had a 2 year old and a newborn – we had no idea how busy we would become. We spent many weekends here the first few years. We also made some good friends – families like us with kids about the same ages. There really is not much to do in this town and we like that. It gives us a chance to play games, build jigsaw puzzles, hike around in the summer and go sledding or play in the snow in the winter. Because I am so busy at home, it is really hard for me to slow down! In the past, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen making snacks, baking, fixing meal after meal. So, this trip has been quite an adjustment! So far, so good … but on this trip there isn’t anywhere to escape the yummy smells from dinner and the snacks my kids are making.

Packing up to leave home yesterday was very stressful. I was trying unsuccessfully to finish up some year-end paperwork plus pack enough things to keep me entertained so I wouldn’t miss the food so much. I felt like I needed another 4 hours before we left town. The weather in the mountains and the darkness were rapidly becoming issues. I also knew that I would be sitting around for days and days without much exercise. I told my husband – and this is a first – that I needed to go to the gym before we left town. So, I did. I took a quick half hour for ME and went to the gym to run. I was proud of myself for putting my needs first. It felt great to exercise before leaving. Gotta make it a priority!! I ran another 5.0 mph half-mile straight. Trying to decide if I should go for a full mile or get my speed up to a 6.0 mph half-mile first. I have a goal of running a 10 minute mile this year. I love how much easier it is to run now that I’m lighter!

It is freezing and snowy outside! I heard about people being cold from being on Optifast after a while and I totally get that now! I am cold all the time now. I have pretty much spent the entire day in my recliner while my kids played outside. I could not be any lazier – but when I think about what the next couple of months are going to bring with our schedule, I should probably just enjoy it while I can!

The other adjustment for me is that we do not have a scale here. I am OK with that but this is the longest I have gone without weighing myself in the 12 weeks since starting Optifast. I haven’t really thought about it while I’m here but I am sure I’ll jump on pretty shortly after getting back to Phoenix. Of course, on full-fast, there is nothing I could do differently so the number is what it is.

Here is a picture (from our cabin backyard) of my 3 kids playing in the snow. I’m too cold to go out and play!!!


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