This will probably be the last post for 2012.  I have so much running through my mind right now.  We just got home from the cabin this evening and already I feel like I have a million things to do.

We had a great time today.  We decided last night that we were going to drive back to Phoenix today instead of tomorrow in order to get ahead of a winter storm forecasted to start tonight.  We’ve had terrible luck with getting stuck between our house and cabin so we don’t like to mess around.  This morning, however, I got a text from my sister-in-law inviting us to go sledding with them near their place in Pinetop – another hour away (in the opposite direction from home).  We had so much fun sledding with them last year so we decided to go ahead and take the kids – even though it meant having to cram a lot into our afternoon before we shut down the cabin and went home.  We had a great time though!


While searching through my cabin closet for warm clothes to wear, I found quite a few items that I had “given up” on wearing again.  I realized that many of them might actually fit now so I brought them home with me.  I also was able to put my winter coat on AND zip it up!  This is yet another positive!

As I always do, I put a million photos of our day on Facebook and many people are starting to compliment me on my weight loss so far.  It is showing up in the pictures now.  I guess I am a little self conscious about it but I do appreciate the kind words.  I feel like I’m looking so much better too – but the thing that kinda gets me is, as of this week, I am equal to the weight (218lb) that I was when I *snapped* 13 years ago or so and started on my 40 pound weight loss with Weight Watchers; which was very successful but it ended when I got pregnant with child #2.  That was the first and last serious attempt I have ever done at a “diet”.  I wonder at what point I decided that being 50 pounds MORE than that weight was OK?  In some fairness, I put a large chunk of that weight back on with my next 2 pregnancies.  Working and taking care of 3 babies (and losing my mom to cancer) was a bit much in those years. At some point though I just quit paying attention to the number of calories I was eating daily. I think the snacking, sodas, and frequency of fast food played a huge role. It adds up and the numbers don’t just show up on the scale, but also in my cholesterol and triglyceride readings as well. I had to be ready and in a good spot in my life to take this journey.  I am there now.  I think/hope I have turned the tide in time – before I did too much damage to my body.  So, while I feel that I have undergone such a big transformation so far, I need to realize that this has just begun and I have a lot more to lose.  But I also know I have done this once before.  I have lost 40 pounds from 218lb. – and it wasn’t too bad.  I learned a lot in Weight Watchers back then and I would have gone back to them if the numbers weren’t so large this time.  I think many of the tools, recipes, tips, etc. will be useful in maintenance though.  That is where the real work will begin. I am hopeful.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.  What a great time to plan for the rest of this journey and beyond.  So many doors are opening for me – not just physically but mentally as well….

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