The BIG 5-0

50Oh Happy Day!  Today I finally hit the big 5-0 pound loss milestone (I say “finally” only because I was hoping to be here last week but the little .5 pound loss didn’t quite do it).  This milestone has been in front of me for a few weeks now so I’m really glad to have reached it – especially as we start the New Year!

I also took a big step (for me) and posted this news on my Facebook page.  Now all 450+ of my “friends” know what I am up to.  I hesitated to say anything for a long time because of the ‘track’ running in my head playing “what if this doesn’t work?”.  Well it appears to be working.  Photos of me on Facebook as well as running into people out and about have sparked at least a dozen private emails and messages from friends wondering about the program I am on.  There really is no hiding now anyway.  I am proud of what has happened so far, the work that I have put in, etc. but I know the hard part is going to be trudging through these next 50 pounds AND maintaining it once I get there.  Now I’ll have even more “eyes” on me – but that is probably a good thing.  LOTS and LOTS of accountability!

But, another reason I posted was because back in September, an old friend/former neighbor of mine posted about her success with Dr. Ziltzer and Scottsdale Weight Loss and it was the catalyst that got me started on this journey.  I knew I had to do something, I knew the time was right, but I couldn’t figure out the WHAT I was going to do.  Her Facebook post was timed perfectly for me.  Maybe my post will be timed perfectly for one of my friends who is struggling.  Those of us on the journey know that Optifast certainly isn’t for everyone, but for many of us it is exactly what we needed.

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