Sick Day

Yesterday I spent pretty much the entire day in bed. I haven’t felt that horrible in a long time. I don’t know if my lingering cold turned into the flu, or what. I doubt that is the case since I feel leaps and bounds better today. Sometimes you just need to spend a “sick day” in bed I guess.

I continued sticking with the Optifast products all day and I was drinking lots of water and I had a Diet Cherry Pepsi. Sometime in the afternoon I started getting achy and felt feverish/chills. At one point, I got up to go to pee (for the 100th time) but suddenly felt AWFUL. I thought I was going to pass out. I literally dropped to my knees on my bathroom floor and called into the hallway – hoping my husband or kids would hear me. By the time they came in, I had dragged myself to the bed. I was pretty scared at this point. After passing out earlier in the Optifast program (which required a trip to the ER), I did not want to go through that again. I tried to remember what I learned from all of that and it was SALT! I asked my husband to go to the pantry and find anything salty. He sent up a bowl of tortilla chips. Oviously there are other things that would have been healthier – broth, celery with salt, pickles – which we don’t even have in the house because the whole family hates them – but time was of the essence.  I ate a few chips then sent a text to all of of my kids’ cell phones and ipods that “mommy needs the salt shaker” and my daughter promptly arrived with it. Ha ha. I salted a few of the chips just to make sure I was getting a bunch. It was amazing….within minutes I felt 100% better.  Dr. Ziltzer told me it was very easy to get dehydrated on this program and I’m sure being sick doesn’t help.  I was drinking plenty of fluids but I forgot about the sodium. That, apparently, is an important part of hydration.

I had a good night’s sleep and woke feeling very refreshed.  The kids all headed back to school today which is bittersweet.  It was really nice having the down-time with them at home.  We are heading into a very very busy few months now.  Hang on!!

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3 Responses to Sick Day

  1. Kim says:

    Hi Martha

    I am curious. Did you have to continue adding salt after this? If so, how did you take it? I am wondering because my blood pressure is low and causing some side effects. I’ve tried upping my water but it doesn’t seem to help. Thought I’d check with you and then talk to my program nurse.




    • Something else just occurred to me on the sodium thing that I should point out – I don’t eat any of the Optifast soups at all. I liked them for a couple of weeks and then I started gagging on them. I believe the soups have more sodium in them than the other products but I am not getting any of that.


  2. I didn’t really do much after that. I had border-line high blood pressure before starting the program and now it is on the low-normal side. I don’t really know much about how to regulate blood pressure from the low end – definitely talk to your nurse. I do think sodium might be involved. I try to add salt in whenever I can – if I eat egg whites or through drink sweeteners with sodium. I still have a few issues with being light-headed when I stand up but it passes pretty quickly. I’m eating regular food now 1x per day and I don’t worry about sodium when I’m cooking. Blood pressure still pretty low-ish.


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