Plugging Away…

Howdy.  I have recovered from my awful cold and feel like a human again.  Even made it back to the gym yesterday and did weights and some easy running.  Got my pedometer up to almost 15,000 steps which is pretty darn good.  That included 30 minutes on the treadmill, a trip to the grocery, Home Depot, Costco and a lengthy walk at my son’s football practice to find the correct field.  As expected, my “steps” increase dramatically as I get back into the swing of being “mom”.

Just had my visit at Scottsdale Weight Loss and all is well.  Dr. Ziltzer had been on vacation for a few weeks so it was good to see him again.  He is so excited about my progress (lost another 3 pounds this week for a total of 56) and told me (2x) today how far ahead of “average” I am doing.  He asked me if I thought the program was hard and I told him that I did not.  But, I said I was completely ready for this – and you DO have to be 100% committed or it won’t work.  I also told him that pretty much any diet will work if you are ready and committed – this is just better because it works so fast and there is a lot of support and accountability by going to the center weekly.  He couldn’t agree more.

I got a hat for passing the 50 pound mark but I also needed an EKG to make sure everything is still OK.  This test is performed at SWL after losing each 50 pounds.  Dr. Z explained to me that as you lose a significant amount of weight, the shape of you heart may change.  You can actually lose fat from your heart, thereby possibly changing the length of the electrical connections – which might cause arrhythmias.  So they went ahead and did that today – Dr. Z even came back and checked it before I left and told me it was perfect and not changed since 10/2 when I had my original one before starting Optifast.  He also proceeded to tell me, again, how well I was doing.  He’s pretty excited for me.


Actually started talking about my goal today too.  I haven’t really brought it up before because I was SO FAR away from it.  But now, as I have crossed the half-way point, it is starting to come into view.  I hope I am not setting myself up too early.  I guess on my original paperwork I had put 170 as my final goal.  I’m about 41 pounds from there now.  Dr. Z is very open about the goal setting phase.  He said it is totally up to me and where I think I am most comfortable.  He also said that can change in time too – I might, at some point, want to see what 10 pounds less than that feels like.  He also said, which I know, I am tall and carry my weight so much more differently than someone say, 5’6″.  I’m going to push for somewhere between 170 and 165 I think (Wow, if I did 167.5 that would be a 100 POUND loss).  Several weeks ago I thought that at this time I would switch to a more “partial plan”.  Now with the craziness of my daughter’s theater season heating up, I’ll just stick with a mostly “full fast” plan until the show is over.  Coincidentally, it ends right as I approach ‘Week 20′ on Optifast – a point where I do think it would be good to start adding more real food into my diet for the duration.  If my weight loss pattern stays, I should be about 195-185 pounds by then.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself…

So, as I mentioned, it is “theater time”.  My daughter (13) is in a Christian Youth Theater production of Willy Wonka – the cast is huge (60 kids I think) – and it should be a great show.  I am on the props committee and I am tasked with building lots of goodies for the “chocolate factory”.  Already hard at work on golden tickets, chocolate bar wrappers, giant gumballs, lollipops, and my big project – a giant 10′ x 4’ light-up “Golden Ticket” sign that will remotely illuminate each name as the kid gets their ticket (and also turn off as they meet their demise in the chocolate factory).  I love building stuff and being creative – it gets my engineering juices flowing again.  It is a big project though so I’m glad I have this to keep my mind and hands busy.  My house and garage are going to be a mess and that used to be a trigger for me to eat.  That seems to be totally gone now.  I have found that a good project really helps during active weight-loss.  I encourage anyone to get a good hobby or activity other than stressing/obsessing about what they are eating or not-eating.  Gotta fill your life (now, and always) with stuff other than food!

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3 Responses to Plugging Away…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey there!! Congratulations on your success – so far. Looking forward to seeing you when you’ve hit your goal!!! So happy for you!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    that was Ha-Na… cheers from central Texas!


  3. Thanks “Ha-Na” 🙂


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