Shopping (in my closet)

This week I started really going through the drawers of my closet.  It was a little bit like an archaeological dig, actually.  Through the years, I would buy things that I thought were cute then quickly realize, once I got home, that they looked like hell on me.  I’m finding, sadly, that I did not always return them, I apparently shoved them into a drawer at some point hoping that they would “fit someday”.

Well, now I’m operating in reverse.  I’m finding that the clothes currently in my closet look like hell because they are too plus-sized, too baggy, and just not very flattering.  I got a big plastic bin with a lid out and put it in the closet and I’m gladly tossing stacks of jeans and shirts into them.  I honestly hope I will have it in me to donate the whole thing and say ‘goodbye’ to that size FOREVER.

So, anyway, I’m now digging into my drawers to see what goodies I might find.  Wow, there is some pretty good stuff!  I don’t have a real high-fashion wardrobe –  mostly casual clothes and clothes to go out in occsionally.  Even when I was in the working world, I pretty much wore jeans and business casual clothes since I spent a good deal of time in a  semiconductor clean-room environment suit.  The good thing is that I’m finding plenty of clothes to get me through each size that I am shrinking into.  I haven’t had to buy really anything so far.  The other day I found a few new workout-type jackets that I guess I had decided didn’t look good when I bought them – the tags were even still on them.  My jeans were still waiting for me like old friends.  All nice and broken in.  It feels so good to try on an even smaller size than last month and it slips on just fine.  Again, so worth the sacrifices that being on Optifast brings.  So worth it!


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One Response to Shopping (in my closet)

  1. Whoo hoo! Isn’t that a wonderful feeling?! Congrats! (My two cents: Donate! Somebody will be so glad to get them and it’s a nice sense of “never going back” closure for you. I drop a bag off at Goodwill and float the rest of the day.) Again, congrats on your progress!


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