Party Like It’s 1999


A few days ago we celebrated the 12 th birthday of our son. He’s growing up too fast! Lately my pregnancy with him has been on my mind. You see, the last time I made any determined effort to follow a diet was in the years 1999-2000 after the birth of our first daughter. Having been unable to get any baby weight off on my own, I nervously made my way into a local Weight Watchers office and started the Points program. I saved all of my materials, recipes, “membership books”, and even some of my meal tracker forms. I’m really glad I did this because I can look back and see where I was.

IMG_3012At the age of 29, I guess I had enough of being overweight – I weighed in at 208 that first day. Guess what I weighed when I woke up the morning of my son’s 12th birthday? 208. More about that number in a bit….

I really enjoyed Weight Watchers. At the weekly meetings I met some other girls and we started going out for salads afterwards. It wasn’t terribly hard and, as a new mom, it got me out of the house one night a week. I was still working part-time then and several of my co-workers were also doing the program so we would share bagels at meetings, etc. I still ate at McDonald’s but had Happy Meals instead. The weight came off pretty quickly. (As a side note, I just noticed that I started Weight Watchers on October 7th, 1999 – I started Optifast on October 6th. Weird.)

Things moved along pretty well until that spring. This is what a plateau looks like:

IMG_3013I remember this. I remember being really close to my goal and not quite getting down to it. For weeks. Up. Down. Up. Down. On May 20, 2000, I got as close as I was going to get (for the next 12 years) – 173.2 lbs. I was 100% happy with where I was at this point. I still remember how it felt to be at such a nice and healthy weight. That memory of that feeling was strong enough to make me want to start this journey again. It has helped when I didn’t think I could drink another shake. Friends and co-workers all commented that I could easily stop – I was officially thin. I am tall and large-boned and 173.2 looked pretty darn good on me. My Weight Watchers “range”, listed at the top of my booklet, was 167 lb. to 139 lb. Weight Watchers would not let me say I was at “goal” until I hit 167 lbs. (and therefore, I had to keep paying every week). I could get around this by getting a note from my doctor but I thought that was crazy. “Please, doctor, can I have a note that says I can be fatter than this recommended weight for my height?” I have a hard enough time going to the doctor when I’m seriously ill, that was not something I was going to sign up for. So, I did the next easiest thing. I got pregnant. And that ended that.

I enjoyed my pregnancy! Being pregnant, in my mind, was a license to “eat for two!” I gained a decent amount of weight and my baby boy was born right after Christmas and right after a lot of chocolate was consumed! He was a BIG baby – 9 pounds, 4 ounces! 015_12AI remember my weight right around delivery because I mentioned it to my OB/GYN – 208 pounds. I gained my 40 pounds back and had a 9+ lb. baby and ended up where I started. I did try to go back to Weight Watchers again after the recommended 8 weeks (or whatever it was). According to my paperwork, I started back at 192.8 and lost a few pounds. I just didn’t have it in me to start again I guess. I wish I had stuck with it. I did have 2 kids 2 and under – and I was still working.

So, here I am. I still think Weight Watchers is a great program and would recommend it. I had a hard time starting it again though (I did make another unsuccessful attempt in 2006). I need to be very aware of this with Optifast….if I slip up on maintenance it might be hard for me to start again. All the more reason to stay plugged in to Scottsdale Weight Loss and not stray too far for too long. Almost 60 pounds lighter than I started and back at 208 (on my bathroom scale – not “officially” on the dr. office scale). Very familiar territory! I’m glad I had that experience 12-14 years ago. It makes me want to get back there – desperately. This time I won’t have a pregnancy (or two) to shake things up. I’ll have to rely on everything I have learned to stay at a healthy weight – for good this time.

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