We’re Going Streaking!


Last night at the Success Club meeting at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center, I learned that there was a little off-shoot group on Facebook called “Streak With Us”. The goal is to commit to walking or running one mile every single day. Remarkably Dr. Ziltzer, as well as several other members of this group, have been at this for 370+ days. Dr. Z said there was a period of time that he was completely annoyed with the streak but eventually he pushed through that and now it is just part of his daily routine.

So, because other than building Willy Wonka’s freaking chocolate factory in my house for my daughter’s play, I really have time to do this …. I do strive to exercise at the gym at least every other day and that almost always includes completing a mile (or more) on the treadmill. The other days I have been making an effort to increase my step count as measured on my FitBit. I’ll just have to get creative. I realized tonight that instead of spending an hour surfing Pinterst during my son’s basketball practice, I could drive a few miles south and workout at the other Koko Fit Club location. During his football practices I can walk laps on the high school track. We even have a treadmill in our bedroom so there is no reason I can’t find 15-20 minutes to walk a mile. One of the biggest obstacles I face is usually timing – not time. I have quite a few blocks of free time but it never seems to be the right length to do what I need to get done – exercising and showering, making any meaningful progress on a project or completing a trip to the store. This, like so many facets of my life (meal planning, grocery shopping, etc) is going to require more/better planning and scheduling.

streak with us tshirtAnyway, I have a lot of things going on now and adding this might be a bit much. I’ll cut myself some slack. If I can’t make it work, I’ll try again in March when several of these other activities slow down a bit. I think I mentioned before that my goal for 2013 is to run a 10 minute mile – this seems like a great way to bring some consistency into working towards that goal. If I “streak” for a month, I get this T-shirt.  Who’s going streaking with me??

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