Catching Up…

Well it has been a few days since I posted so I thought I’d do a little catching up.  We had crazy FREEZING cold weather in Phoenix this past week and I am so glad that is behind us now.  Our blood just isn’t made for that crap.  We even had ICE on our sidewalk!  Some of my friends had ice chunks in their swimming pool.  IMG_3018By the end of the week we have, thankfully, warmed up now – this weekend was gorgeous (in the 70s) and I even got a sunburn (oops!)  As I may have mentioned (600 times) it is a really busy time.  Busy, but fun.  The Optifast products are a complete life-saver right now because it is so easy to have an “instant” meal on the run.  I see no problem continuing with them through most of February.  I have already started thinking a lot about transition and maintenance because, by then, I will be getting fairly close (maybe 15-20 pounds away or so from goal).  I am trying to learn about the different iPhone apps that are out there because I am becoming more and more convinced that they are going to be the ticket to my success – specifically MyFitnessPal and LoseIt in conjunction with my FitBit – and a new program being unveiled with Koko FitClub next month.  But, I won’t get into that just yet in this post.

So the “streak” that I mentioned in my last post, has been very interesting.  I am still “streaking” with almost one full week of a mile-a-day under my belt.  As expected, I have ZERO time for this right now but this is now forcing me to just make it happen.  I was already in a pretty good routine with exercise but this just takes it to a new level of commitment.  Using my FitBit, I know that I am already pretty darn active and am racking up close to 9-11,000 steps every day (far from sedentary) so adding another mile onto that at the end of an exhausting day has been challenging.  But I am also learning that I can find ways to squeeze the exercise into my carpooling and driving the kids around and, in some ways, it is freeing up blocks of time earlier in the day which I can use to be more productive.  Basically, it is just shifting my thinking ever-so-slightly and, for that, I am grateful.  It is good to look at things from a different perspective and, with all that is going on, this “streak” is teaching me a lot about following through with healthy habits on a daily basis.

I have no weight loss updates this week because as I was heading to my weigh-in appointment on Friday, I realized I had a voicemail to let me know that my appointment had to be rescheduled since the medical assistant that I was supposed to see had come down with the flu.  Not a big deal, I was not overly interested in being weighed while my monthly visitor was here.  Using my bathroom scale as a guide, I would guess I have “unofficially” lost about 3-4 pounds this week.  My weights are now consistently reading “20_” which is thrilling.  The “under 200” pound mark is within sight!

As far as what is going on around here that is making life so crazy – I’ll just give a brief synopsis.  I do this so I can look back on my own blog and see what was going on and when.  So, here we go (since my last post):  Thursday:  made copies for teachers at the kids’ school, spent all morning touring my son’s middle school for next year and learning about all of the neat options for class registration, pulled oldest daughter out of school early for orthodontist visit where she got her new fake tooth, thereby “completing” her beautiful smile, IMG_3042left daughter in orthodontist chair to return back to the school to pick up 2 more kids and returned to dentist/ortho office for all 3 kids to have teeth cleaned, drove football practice carpool, [7pm] went to gym and ranIMG_3043 my mile.  Friday:  the boy was in the district spelling bee (unfortunately exited in the first round with the word “innate” – he only used 1 “n”), clinic appointment canceled but still needed food so drove 20 minutes each way for Optifast re-stocking, worked on theater set project for a couple of hours, drove daughter to gymnastics and other daughter to play rehearsal, drove back to gymnastics for pick-up and coordinated pick-up truck delivery of lumber materials to my backyard for theater set project … [10pm] walked mile on my treadmill at the houseIMG_0540 Saturday:  basketball game for my son about 20 minutes south of our house, left basketball game with one quarter left to drive 45 minutes west for same son’s first ever tackle football game (that he loved and did not get hurt!) , drove back across town and took oldest daughter to play rehearsal (and forgot to pick up our carpool passenger on the way – DOH!), went to Costco and IMG_3061single-handedly bought a couch on an extremely busy Saturday afternoon, crammed couch box 1 of 2 into vehicle, picked up daughter from rehearsal, drove back home to unload couch box, drove back to Costco to load box 2 of 2, drove home unloaded box, [6pm] walked mile on my IMG_3079treadmill at the house, got ready for a SUPER FUN surprise 40th birthday party for my good friend (and was showered with compliments about my weight loss).  Sunday:  <gymnastics meet scheduled for all day was cancelled – yippee!> watched football playoff games and worked outside all day on theater set project that has to be done by this Friday.

IMG_0553 IMG_0549 IMG_0560

Lots of sawing and drilling – it was actually very fun but a lot of work.  Then I [7pm] walked mile on my treadmill at the house, showered and … here I am.  As you can probably guess, there was not a lot of healthy, nutritious meal preparation going on for my family this week.  This is still a problem.  We didn’t get the meal calendar completed this week and that is what happens.  Fortunately we had some leftovers that I could use so there weren’t too many fast food trips….but there were a few in there.

Anyway, this week brings more of the same – but worse since the theater set project has to be delivered on Friday.  There are a couple of classes at Scottsdale Weight Loss that I really want to get to and I hope by putting them on my calendar I will make it a priority.  Gonna be nuts but I got this… I hope!

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