Finally Losing My Baby Weight…

IMG_0569This March my baby girl turns 9 years old.  She is a gymnast and pretty much solid muscle and weighs a healthy 61 pounds.  She often tries to stay up late at night to hang with her brother and sister but usually falls asleep somewhere downstairs on the couch or on our giant bean bag in the playroom.   A while ago I quit trying to carry her upstairs to her own bed because she was just too heavy – now I make her wake up enough to walk on her own.

Today at my weigh-in, I have “officially” lost 61.5 pounds – the weight of my daughter.  I can pretty much trace most of my weight gain to the 9 years she has been in our lives.  I think about how heavy she is to pick up, carry around – much less try to carry up the stairs – and how much that 61.5 pounds ON ME was hurting my body and making everything so much more difficult.  No wonder I have more energy and feel like a new person – I pretty much LOST a person in extra weight.

I was a tiny bit disappointed in my 5 pound weight loss because that is a 2 week total.  But then Jamie told me that I had actually lost 8.5 pounds of fat and was holding onto a couple of pounds of water this week!  That’s what I wanted to hear!  My BMI has also dropped from 31.2 to 30.4%.

Talked to Dr. Ziltzer about my “streak” of doing a mile per day (minimum) and how it is a total pain in the ass – but I am learning from it!  We also talked a little about my running progress and he encouraged me to slow down my pace and get the straight mile run first before trying to speed things up (I have been working on increasing my speed on the 1/2 mile).  So, maybe I’ll try that this week.  Heck, I have lots and lots and lots of opportunities to try different ways to complete a mile!

Although I’ve read conflicting information about it, Dr. Z believes there is a small (maybe 10%) metabolic boost from the appetite suppressant, phentermine.  I have not really experienced any side effects from it and I do think that it really helped in the first couple months with knocking down my hunger – especially in the evening.  I had pretty much stopped taking it though because I wasn’t really having any hunger issues in the last 6-8 weeks.  After the subject was brought up again last week at the Success Club meeting and I was reminded of the metabolic boost,  I decided that since I still had a pretty decent supply of my prescription left I would start taking it again and see if it might help continue my relatively rapid weight loss.  It is hard to say how much affect, if any, it is having.  I confirmed again with Dr. Z today that I was going to keep taking it just for that metabolic reason alone (I’m sure it will knock off some hunger too) and he spun the computer monitor around where my weight loss graph was pulled up and pretty much said – “I wouldn’t mess with this … keep doing what you are doing”.

Well, my theater set project is calling me.  I found out I have a couple of extra days to complete it but it is raining today and that is not going to help!  I had better get busy!

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One Response to Finally Losing My Baby Weight…

  1. Way to go!! 61.5 pounds is awesome!! Keep up the good work!!


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