Planning Ahead (a little…)

I mentioned last time that I am starting to think about coming off of full-fast next month and possibly enter a partial-fast or even transition. I am really not close enough to my goal to be having these thoughts yet but, at the same time, I’m really not sure what my “goal” is and it might be here sooner than later. My thought was to get down to 165 or 170 pounds because evidently that is what I am “supposed” to weigh. But now I’m open to maybe not going that far. Never ever ever thought I would say that but I do think my body composition is a lot different now. I have more muscle than I’ve probably had in my entire life. I’ve had 3 kids. I was 5’10 1/2″ at one point and now I’m 5’9 – what height do I use for my “ideal weight”? Evidently my spine has collapsed or something but I still have the bone structure of a taller person. Maybe? I don’t know. I’m still just a few pounds over 200 pounds but my clothes are fitting me like they did when I was 180 pounds or smaller. I need to buy new jeans, again, and I’ll probably even try on 14’s (they’ll probably be tight but I think that is what I’ll “invest” in). I do think my body fat % is still way too high – so that is a number I will focus on too. Anyway, by late February I think it might be a little clearer….or not.

So, since the “golden ticket tower” project is finished and I have a few days off before starting in on a giant TV set (for Mike TV!) I took a few minutes to get some of the final Optifast classes on my calendar. There are about 5-6 classes I have not taken yet because they mostly centered around food choices and not eating behaviors. So, I am looking at getting registered now for any classes that are “transition” or “maintenance” related because it could take a while to work them into my schedule. I’m trying to learn as much now so that I can make the transition as smoothly as possible. Today I was able to take “Food: Fact or Fiction – Part II” which largely focused on proteins and fats (Part I was primarily about carbs). Interesting stuff. I think I’ll need a little more specific information on my recommended protein intake since I am on the Optifast HP products and I am hoping to rebuild some of the muscle mass I have lost over the last 4 months. Just since November 16th, when the Koko FitCheck was installed and I started using it, I have lost 6 pounds in muscle alone. My strength is way down in the last month or two. I’m OK with that because that comes with the low calorie diet and the weight loss. But as I increase my calorie intake after Optifast, I want to include the types of nutrients that will help me rebuild some of that. We talked a little about high cholesterol (mine is border-line high) and I asked about high triglyerides (mine are HIGH) – the dietician today listed several culprits – excessive alcohol (no), diabetes (no), too much sugar and processed food (BINGO!). So I have already decided to really look at reducing drastically the processed foods I buy. This will also take more time for food preparation … which I do not have at meal-time. I am going to have to be SUPER organized to make this work. I’ll have to really use the morning hours while the kids are at school to get our meals 90% prepared. It can be done – but I can’t start thinking about it at 4:30pm every night!

And the (mile every day) “streak” continues – I’m on day #16 and I ran the whole mile again today … in the morning. I can’t tell you how nice it has been tonight knowing that I already completed it and I don’t have to lace up my running shoes as I get the kids to bed. Gotta try to keep getting it done early!

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2 Responses to Planning Ahead (a little…)

  1. Melissa Ottinger says:

    So wonderful to see you looking at transition and maintenance now — very, very important! What I’m finding is the fasting was relatively easy, compared to bringing food back into the equation. You’re doing a wonderful job. So proud of you!


  2. Thanks Melissa. I have a small window of time in March and April while the kids’ activities are maybe a little slower to really delve into the meal planning, etc. so I really want to be eating some actual food then. By May everything will be crazy again. I’ll have a lot to learn from the ‘veterans’! 🙂


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