This morning I weighed in at the doctor’s office with a 4 pound loss … <insert drumroll> and this takes me from being “Obese” to “Overweight” <insert confetti cannon and wild celebration>!  In my mind, I kinda feel like I made this transition about 25 pounds ago but not according to the official BMI charts. Not that too many doctors or people believe 100% in these labels because there are many other factors involved than just height and weight.  But, nevertheless, I am “officially” not obese any more.  Hate haTE HATE that word!

So I decided to make a stop at Kohl’s on my way home to get a few new things to celebrate.  I have noticed this week that I am rapidly running out of clothes that fit very well.  I’m down to just 1 pair of jeans and running low on many wardrobe staples like t-shirts, exercise clothes, etc.

Along with just plain looking better and being more healthy, one of my favorite things about losing this much weight is getting to finally shop in the “regular” section of the store.  It is sooo damn depressing to shop in the “Plus” or “Womans” or whatever nice name they decide to call the clothes that have extra X’s or W’s on them.  The clothes in these departments are 99% really frumpy and ugly.  It is just plain depressing to dig through them to find something that you can get by with.  Normally you have to pass by sections of cute “regular” clothes to get to these sections too.  When you start out at my height and frame, there is a very fine line between jumping between the regular sizes and plus sizes.  At my goal weight, I will be right there at the top – most likely L/XL and size 14.

Anyway, today was pretty fun.  There are some cute things at Kohl’s – not exactly high fashion – but it was a good place to pick up a few items while I am still transitioning down in sizes.  They always have a sale and I always have coupons which make their clothes pretty inexpensive.  I tried on about 6 pairs of jeans.  It was funny, before starting Optifast, I rarely tried on anything in a store dressing room any more.  I normally saved that depressing experience for home and then returned stuff later.  But, since I really wanted to see what size(s) I was fitting into now, I took a variety of brands and sizes into the dressing room.   I did manage to get a few size 14’s completely zipped up without any struggle.  I’m finding that the waists are fine – but getting stuff over my calves is the problem now.  I’m not sure if I will lose any more weight there – maybe a tiny bit but I think that is just a “fit” issue rather than a size.  It was a really good reality check.  I realized this morning how far I had come but, not in a judgmental way, determined that there is still work to be done.  So I just decided to get one pair because I’m still hoping to lose about 20 more pounds and really, in Phoenix, it is going to be warm, if not hot, soon and a closet full of jeans is not all that necessary.  I also picked up a cute slightly sparkly t-shirt that would be good for going out in at night.

Yesterday I also finished going through all of the pants and capris in my closet.  I tried them all on and found that about 10% of them (stuff I had saved from when I was smaller) could stay and would work well for upcoming months.  The rest I will pack up and donate.

As you maybe saw in my last post, Wednesday was a bit of a rough day for me since it was my mom’s birthday – she passed away a little over 7 years ago.  While I haven’t struggled too much with losing my mom lately, I guess going through old photos and really putting in some “grieving” time was overdue.  It was good to kinda go through those emotions – I’ve probably been shutting them down for a little while.  Many of my friends and family are starting to lose parents now with increasing frequency.  It is so tough.

Looking forward to a beautiful weekend in the 70’s in the “Valley of the Sun”.  After unseasonably cold temperatures and lots of rain the past few weeks, we are finally getting our “normal” winter weather.  I’m planning on completing my mile outside today (the streak continues – Day #18) using a new iPhone app I just downloaded called “Runtastic” – we’ll see how it goes.  Today is the last weekend in February before all of the big rehearsals and shows start for my older daughter’s play (along with gymnastics meets and basketball tournaments).  The only thing on the schedule is my son’s football game, which I am looking forward too.  My hubby has been traveling all week so it will great to have him home.  We will enjoy our brief “down time” – and the Super Bowl!

Have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to “Overweight”

  1. sarasa says:

    Hi five lady!!! Awesome job!! ❤ Kohls too… Post pics of your new outfits 🙂


  2. Pamela says:

    Congratulations! That’s actually my goal at the moment — to exit the “obese” category. And I’ve got a LONG way to go. Great to see you seem to be enjoying clothes a little more.


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