Home Stretch

It has been a while since I updated my blog.  Lots and lots going on but too many things taking up every precious non-sleeping moment of my life.

Lots to report, I guess I’ll just update what I can remember from the past week…

Most important.  My dad is doing great!  He was still struggling a little after they implanted the pacemaker on Wednesday but we didn’t realize they had not turned on all of it’s functions yet.  They came in with the programmer on Thursday afternoon and activated the 3rd pacing chamber lead in his heart and that made a huge difference.  He said all of a sudden he could feel his feet warm up from finally getting proper blood pumping.  He walked around his room 8 times without any shortness of breath.  He was so excited!  He was finally released from the hospital on Friday afternoon and is doing very well at home.  I talked to him about stopping by yesterday (Monday) and he said I should call first because he might go out for a walk….this, from a man that could barely walk across the house last Monday.  Truly miraculous and I am so thankful!

The weekend was very busy!  Aside from many extra trips south to visit my dad, I was also wrapping up the props/sets for my daughter’s play.  I had to build a giant TV set out of wood that Mike Teavee will jump through.  Saturday afternoon my daughter woke up sick but also had an 8 hour rehearsal.  My son had a basketball game and tackle football game.  My husband was flying home from the east coast and I was very afraid he wouldn’t make it back since thousands of flights were cancelled due to the huge snow storm, “Nemo”, but he was able to catch a flight home Friday night out of Philadelphia – yay!  Sunday afternoon we moved all of the props and sets from the rehearsal warehouse down to south Scottsdale to the theater.  It was fun to see everything come together in one place finally.  Here are a couple of photos – the giant TV set I built Friday and the dreaded “golden ticket tower” in action on the stage.  The lighting is not great in this photo but it looks awesome!

IMG_3160     IMG_3176

Friday morning I had an appointment with Dr. Ziltzer.  I was shocked to have lost another 5 pounds this week, bringing my grand total to 70 pounds gone!  That is 9 pounds lost in 2 weeks, absolutely amazing this late in the journey.  I was sure it was going to slow down to a plateau, at best.  Since I have been so busy, I am glad that I had the “streak” to keep me exercising somewhat because I have not added time into my schedule for other workouts.  I am getting quite a bit of activity just working on the theater stuff – I honestly think it has been 2-3 weeks since I sat down to watch TV….or really sat down, period.  I almost wonder if the stoppage in weight training / lifting has aided my weigh-loss boost in some way.  Hard to say, there are so many factors.  I do know that is one thing I have not done that I had been doing throughout the program.  I would not stop the weight lifting though to speed up weight loss because all I contribute to then is loss (or at least no increase) in lean muscle mass, which I want to rebuild.  Dr. Ziltzer was happy to hear that I am still “streaking”.  We talked a little about the running too – I told him that after I get past the first 1/2 mile, the run becomes so much easier.  I think in the past I would quit before I got to that point.  Interestingly enough, he told me he is the same exact way.  Wow, a man that runs every day and does multiple marathons a year has issues with the first 1/2 mile too.  That made me feel better.  He said that his heart rate is super fast during that time and he really struggles too.  Good to know.  Good to know.

A big huge fat bummer this week was during one of my trips to the hospital to see my dad, I managed to lose my FitBit!  I remember having it when I parked my car in the garage then after walking across the hospital campus and up stairs, long hallways, etc. I thought to myself, “I’m getting in quite a few steps here” … and then I felt my pants where I was wearing it and it was … gone 😦  Of course, I was there for more important things but my heart sank.  I had grown quite attached to my little friend.  I had started learning how to move the information to MyFitnessPal.  I was challenging myself each day to add more steps and activity.  I had a little friendly competition set up with a couple of other Scottsdale Weight Loss clients.  Bummer.  I emailed FitBit and asked about the possibility of discounted replacement units and they responded with a list of things that I could provide and they might possibly send me a free replacement.  So, I might try that.  If not, I think I’ll use my $125 Super Bowl ‘square’ winnings to just order another one.  And then figure out a better way to anchor it to me next time.

I told Dr. Ziltzer I was going to switch to partial meal replacements after this play is over.  That will be in another 2 weeks and I’ll have an appointment with him pretty much the last day of the show.  It seems like the perfect time to make the switch.  I was hoping that when the time felt right, it would seem like the natural progression.  It might slow my weight loss down a bit but it might not.  I won’t get into this too much but, according to daily calorie figures from at least 3 different sources, based on my body framework and daily activity/exercise expediture, I’m looking at about 2000-2500 calories allowed per day to maintain my weight.  That is a pretty good number that I think I can easily work within.  Of course, the challenge for me will be to make most of those calories nutrient dense, high protein and not….Cheetos!  Switching to the partial Optifast meal replacement will give me a good chance to work my way to that slowly.  By just planning ONE balanced meal according to the plan, I can practice the grocery shopping, planning, and prepping skills that are going to be required to make this whole thing work.  I also need to meld this in with the meal planning and prep that I already do with my family and hopefully find things that all of us can eat together so I’m not cooking 2 dinners every night.  2 of my kids are thin very active athletes and the 3rd one is border-line underweight, so I need to continue feeding them meals that do not skimp on calories.

This week is “Tech Week” – aka my “Hell Week”.  We have rehearsal at the theater every night from 5-10pm (plus a 30 minute drive each way).  I’m pretty much going every night to make sure all of the electrical systems associated with the props are where they need to be and also to make any repairs or changes to things as we watch the dress rehearsals.  It sure is fun to see my daughter on stage.  She has quite a few lines this show and even gets to sing a bit.  She is the reporter that interviews the golden ticket winners so she sings a song with the Augustus Gloop family called “I Eat More”.  She is also a giant squirrel that pushes Veruca Salt down the “nut chute”.  I love the families with this theater group and the other moms on our props team.  We are so tired and punchy at this point, we laughed so hard last night.  Good times.

Off to paint 2 5 foot spinning lolli-pops….

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One Response to Home Stretch

  1. Kathy says:

    Exhausted just reading about all that you have going on! Being on the other side of the products, I’m glad that you’ll be transitioning back slowly. It will be a vital key to success when food is back 100%.


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