Bouncing Back

I think the worst of my plague is behind me now but I’m still not 100%. My cough will surely be hanging around for a long long time.

I felt pretty bad Sunday morning but rallied in the afternoon so that I could attend my daughter’s gymnastics meet, the Classic Rock Invitational at the Phoenix Convention Center. All in all, she did pretty well. She had some problems in the event I thought she had the best chance in but did way better in her new events, for which I didn’t have many expectations. This was the first meet she was competing at Level 6 and she just wasn’t quite ready. But, in order to qualify for the state, regional, and national championships, she needs to start competing at the level now. She did great in trampoline until the last skill but bounced backward at the end too far and hit the edge of the mat, resulting in a 1 point deduction. Had she not done that, she would have been in the scores with her top competitors, girls that are on the national Olympic Jumpstart training team – the best of the best for her age in this sport. So, it was good to see she could hang with them for the most part. Here are some photos:

classic rock 5 classic rock 4 (2) classic rock 3 classic rock 2

A few other exciting things.  Yesterday was my oldest daughter’s 14th birthday.  We didn’t have a lot planned and she, also, hasn’t been feeling very well.  But we rallied enough together to head to the mall to get her some UGG’s that she wanted for her birthday and do a little shopping.  Not sure if I have mentioned this, but I have almost nothing to wear.  The piles on the floor of things that are way too big is quickly growing larger than the amount of things on my hangers that are still wearable.  I desperately need to go shopping … and I have tried … but it would seem that the stores have every size in stock but the one I need.  I’ve even found the same thing online.  So, I’m going to have to put some effort into this apparently.  I’m also not crazy about getting too much stuff yet because I’m not at goal.  But, anyway, there we were at American Eagle Outfitters so my daughter could shop and I had a crazy idea….what if jeans *here* actually fit me?  Is that possible?  Everything looks like it is built for a teenager.  But, lo and behold, I found a pair of 14 L skinny boot cut jeans in a great dark wash that looked pretty darn good.  I then got even more brave and decided that I would … TRY THEM ON …   So, I did.  My thinking at this point was to see how much work I still had to do to actually get in a size 14 from a store like this.  I’ve done pretty well with 16’s but the size 14 is my final goal.  And that is when the miracle occurred – they FIT!!!  I loved them.  They were soft and comfy and didn’t look like plus-sized “mom” jeans.  I almost cried.  I even tried on a form fitting t-shirt too and practically jumped up and down.  My daughter was mortified because she had picked out the same shirt and I told her I was getting it TOO 🙂  So, I, Martha, bought clothes at American Eagle for ME and loved every second of it.  I don’t know if I’ll fit in 14’s everywhere but this sure gave me the confidence to try!

So along with these ever increasing boosts in confidence, I did something else yesterday.  I was taking the trash out by the side of the house and I paused for a moment to watch my son and daughter jumping on the trampoline.  It was a beautiful sunny warm 75 degree day here in Phoenix and the kids were off of school for President’s Day.  I just wanted to soak up the relaxed carefree moment of my kids playing so well and laughing together.  They sure like to hang out together on that trampoline.  Over the past 3 years or so that we have had it, I have not been able to get on it because I exceeded the weight capacity.  It was pretty expensive and I really didn’t want to be the one that broke it!  But suddenly I realized that now I COULD get on it.  So I did!  For a brief moment.  I just crawled on and crawled off.  But today, I decided I would jump.  And I did.   I’m bouncing back baby!


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4 Responses to Bouncing Back

  1. Kathy says:

    I am beyond thrilled for you, Martha! That smile on the trampoline says it all. You go girl!!


    • Thanks Kathy! My son took about 50 shots on the trampoline … I should have a ‘bloopers’ reel of some of them. Haha. It is very fun experiencing things again that I was not doing in the past because of my weight!


  2. Laura Liu says:

    I am so incredibly happy for you! You have always been awe-inspiring with all of your many talents, but what you have accomplished in the last six months makes you are even more so. Congrats! You are a rockstar in my books!


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