Almost There…

Howdy.  Not much to report.  I visited Dr. Ziltzer on Wednesday and I was down 3.5 pounds – 74.5 total now.  I’m also done with the 20 week Jumpstart program and every visit now is considered “a la carte” – meaning, I don’t pay weekly and just pay to see the medical assistant, Jamie, or Dr. Ziltzer (seeing the doctor costs more) whenever I want.  All of the classes have been paid for and I can continue to go to them over and over again.  I still have about 4 or so classes that I have not been to yet – important ones about eating food, transition, and maintenance.  I think as I move towards a different food plan I’ll continue to see Dr. Ziltzer every other week.  I may stretch that out more as I get more comfortable and/or as I move into maintenance, but, for now, seeing him holds me very accountable.

So I’m sort of at a point now where I can decide how to proceed.  I am about 20 pounds from my goal – I think.  I asked Dr. Z where I should set my goal and he suggested that we just take this last bit 10 pounds at a time and see if I want to continue trying to lose more weight or stay where I’m at.  Seemed like a good plan.  I know I’m not quite there – but I am fitting in the size of clothes that I wanted to wear so I know I’m close.

My daughter’s play ends this weekend and I have said all along that I would switch to a partial meal plan at that time.  I could not be more ready to eat “real” food – even if it is just once a day.  I am working backstage at the show tonight and again on Sunday.  I am fantasizing of what my life will be like next week when that is all behind us.  No more trips to the theater and no more crazy evenings.  I can’t wait.  I have so many projects around the house that I have been wanting to get to but something for the play has taken priority.

My cold is still in my chest and I’m not feeling 100%.  I wake up coughing like crazy at least once or twice a night and the lack of good sleep is catching up with me.  I’ll probably go see my primary care doc next week to get antibiotics if things don’t get better.

So I’ve been a little out of sorts.  I am excited about the future but my mind has been wrapped around weight loss and Optifast products for so long, I feel like I’m ending something too.  I know beyond a doubt that adding in real food is going to be really hard and I hope that I can have the same, but different, focus.

I’m excited to re-start my weight-training at Koko again and, as soon as I kick this bronchitis, resume my running as well.  I got some good news yesterday, I had emailed FitBit about possibly ordering a discounted FitBit to replace the one I lost and, after I provided them a bit of information, they offered to send a free replacement out right away.  Can’t wait to be reunited with my little friend.  Very impressive costumer service!

Off to make my last batch of “Wonka Bars” and get my all black “backstage crew” clothing ready for tonight.  Break a leg!

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3 Responses to Almost There…

  1. Melissa says:

    Feel better soon! I think you will find that slowly easing in one meal (dinner) about three times a week works well. Soon, you can increase that to dinner every night. I kept my mine very, very simple: just high protein meat like chicken or fish (mostly salmon or trout) and veggies. Basically, I just make a big salad with about 2 cups mixed greens, cucumbers, Bermuda onion, capers, sometimes a few artichokes, or par-boiled green beans, sliced red pepper, occasionally some white kidney beans tossed in for good measure. No starch at all in the beginning — too many carbs. I’m maintaining fairly well when I balance my carbs with my protein — track it on MyFitnessPal. This is why I have a yogurt “concoction” every day with Fiber One, nuts and berries. You are doing beautifully and congrats on the fabulous weight loss! You have a wonderful clinic like I do. I am going through the classes again. Real life-saver and so critical for maintenance. Have a great day!


    • Oh Melissa. You lost me right after 2 cups mixed greens. Have I mentioned that I hate vegetables? 🙂 My salads consist of lettuce and more lettuce and maybe some microscopically shredded carrots so I can’t possibly taste them. I do like tomatoes (but they aren’t a vegetable sadly) – gotta figure out when I can eat them because that is about the only other thing I like. I’ll choke down broccoli and green beans. Possibly some grilled zucchini – that is my latest thing I’m trying. That’s about it though … so far. I’m going to work on it…. And I can’t stand fish – only shellfish like shrimp. So I’m going to be eating a lot of chicken breasts!

      Thanks for the support. Have a great weekend!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I think you’ll do great, congratulations to you!


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