I have about 20 minutes until I am gonna start my nightly running around.  I kept thinking that tonight was going to be pretty mellow but now I have 4 things to do before 8pm.  Oh well.  Before I forget, if you read yesterday’s post about Portillo’s opening, they had 10,000 people there for their opening day!  I drove by today too and the lines were still crazy long.  Good thing I didn’t try to go.  Patience.  Soon enough….

It has been a week since my last weigh-in. Since deciding to go to an every-other week visit at Scottsdale Weight Loss, I guess I’ll just have to wait until next week to see where I stand weight-wise.  According to my bathroom scale I’ve lost around 2 – 2.5 pounds this week.  Dr. Ziltzer said I’ll gain some water weight (about 3 pounds) as I start eating “real” food again but I didn’t start the food thing until Monday night.  So, I’m not sure if that is showing up yet or not (or if it will).  But I do need to accept that the weight loss is going to slow down now.  I hear the last 20 pounds are the hardest – I can see that.  I want to be done.  Now.

Monday I headed back to Koko Fit Club and committed to rebuilding my muscles with weight training.  I had taken some time off from the weights – mainly for time reasons.  I have been “streaking” with the mile per day for over 40 days now and by doing that every day I was justifying dropping the weights for a while.  I’m glad I did that though because I was starting to notice a severe decrease in strength the longer I continue on the full-fast.  My lean muscle mass has dropped significantly and I just can’t lift the weights like I had been.  So, now that I’m adding more protein back in my diet and my calorie intake is closer to 1200 – and I have more time now – it seemed like a good time to get back at it.

Lean Muscle Level (Koko installed the equipment in Nov. 2012 so I don’ t have data going back to the start of Optifast on 10/6/12)

lean muscle level 2-27-13

Strength Gain (or, in my case, loss).  This depresses me after all of my hard work – but the weight loss is much more important.  I’ll get back there!

strength_gain 2-27-13

I had a pretty good strength workout today, although I could definitely tell it had been a while.  The good news was that I completed my mile on the Koko treadmill and really felt great.  I think my bronchitis is getting better.  I ran 1/2 mile pretty slowly but I had an odd surge of energy (possibly the runners “high”).  I walked for a minute or two then cranked up to 5.0 mph (fast for me) and ran most of the rest of it – again, feeling surprisingly good.  I wonder if it is just because I am not as sick or if the real food the past 2 days helped with that.  We shall see.  Anyway, it was encouraging.  I was bummed that I was having to start building my running endurance up again after knocking off a few weeks while I was sick.

This afternoon I attended a class that focuses on Transition.  I guess I didn’t realize that “Transition” is really just the partial meal plan – either substituting one or two Optifast products per day with a healthy “lean and green” type of meal.  While I am not officially in “Transition”, I guess this is the path I would be following.  Maybe I started this too soon but I feel like the timing is really good.  I’m OK with doing it this way.  Many people don’t last on full fast as long as I did (many last much longer).  I guess time will tell.  As I am increasing my workouts, the extra calories are really helping my energy level.  It probably will all balance out – more calories -> more exercise.  Anyway, today’s class focused on the extreme importance of food tracking on a daily basis.  Actually, our dietician stressed writing down everything within 10 minutes of eating it.  She said this is a key to success.  She gave us several paper trackers to use but touched briefly on the ones everyone is using on their smartphones.  Surprsingly, she said the ones that used paper were more compliant and successful.  Interesting.  I think I’m going to continue using MyFitnessPal though – my phone is ALWAYS with me.

Ok, I guess playtime is over and it is time to start picking up and dropping off kids.  I decided that I’m going to sneak back over to Scottsdale Weight Loss tonight for a class on planning and cooking healthy meals.  I can only stay for half of it but I don’t see it on the schedule again any time soon so I thought I’d at least go for some of it.

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