Streaking Milestone – 50 Days!

Good Monday to ‘ya!  We had a beautiful but HOT weekend here in the “Valley of the IMG_3248Sun”.  It was at least 85 degrees on Saturday at my son’s football game.  Crazy.  I felt a little sorry for him but he had better get used to this if he wants to play tackle football in Phoenix – it ain’t gonna be any cooler in August.

I am still coughing and coughing like crazy (and blowing my nose every 30 seconds) and my family has had about enough.  I finally got some antibiotics called in last night and started the first couple of doses.  I pray that I start to feel better soon.  I am so sick of feeling like this!

Took my doggie for a long walk this morning.  Used my Runtastic App to make sure I went at least a mile (did about 1.5 miles today) and that, ladies and gentlemen, means FIFTY DAYS OF STREAKING!  Yes, at least one mile … every single day – for 50 straight days.  You can read the history on this here.   I am pretty proud of this because I have done it through:

a) the busiest “season” of our family’s year

b) my dad being hospitalized and having surgery

c) 2-3 rounds of a bad cold with fever / sinus issues / bronchitis

Plus everything else that goes along with having 3 over-scheduled kids.  There were many instances when I had no time or energy to get the mile done but I figured out a way.  There were a couple of very late nights on the treadmill in our bedroom squeezing it in at the last minute.  There was one night that I got home so late from my daughter’s rehearsal (and my husband was already asleep so I couldn’t use the very loud treadmill in our room) that I used the Runtastic App to measure distance, time and pace and did a mile in my house – out the front door, around the front yard, back through the house a million times – out the back door and around the pool and backyard.  It was crazy.  BUT, I did it.

So, it was a little foolish a few times – my body probably could have used the rest since I’m still sick but I think the lessons I learned about pushing through things I didn’t WANT to do were invaluable.  Building healthy habits just doesn’t happen – you actually have to work at it, whether I want to or not.

At the one month mark several weeks ago, I received my t-shirt from Dr. Ziltzer.


To celebrate 50 days of streaking, I’m finally giving myself a little present – new running shoes.  I just went to a running store and went through the full assessment of my feet and gait analysis.  They measured my arches and video-taped me running on a treadmill barefoot – then did a video-analysis of my feet, ankles, pronation, etc.  With this information, I was led to a wall o’ shoes to choose from quite a few with my “specs”.  I usually have the best luck with Asics so I started with them – and they were still my favorite after trying on several other brands.  I have boring white and navy Asics now though and I really wanted a fun, bright color.  Sadly, they were out of the hot pink in my giant shoe size.  So, I went home empty handed but they ordered the pink ones and I should have them in a few days.   Yay!

Oh, and another bit of good news – my replacement FitBit arrived this weekend.  I’m so glad to have my little friend back.  Kudos to the FitBit company for sending me a free replacement unit after I lost my first one.  They didn’t have to – they just offered to.  Great customer service!  Looking forward to getting back to using it – while I continue on my streak!


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4 Responses to Streaking Milestone – 50 Days!

  1. mwhenry says:

    Congratulations on reaching 50 days! I’m hoping to get clearance from my doctor to start my streak over. I can’t say enough good things about FitBit customer service, too. They were a huge help when I lost mine last summer. Fabulous product, fabulous service.

    You look wonderful! Keep up the great work!


  2. Amy Romine says:

    You have so inspired me to do my own little mini streak..I want to prove to myself I can make the commitment. Also, the wristband FitBit looks so neat..


    • Yay! You can do it. Protect the streak (hahahaha!) 🙂 I think the FitBit wristband looks cool too but I had the FitBit One already so that is what they replaced it with. That wrisband just came out….or is coming out.


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