What I Think Worked

Being the engineer that I am (or was in my former life), I like data.  I get excited by it.  If you have a blog (or maybe even if you don’t), you know that bloggers have access to their “Stats”.  I think it is fun to see where and how people have found my blog.  I can see what countries readers are from, what blogs they were reading when they clicked on mine, what blogs they go to from mine, etc.  I can also see what pages or posts are being looked at and how often.  One of the top ones, as you might expect, is the “Progress” tab.  When I first started on Optifast, this was one of the first pages I looked to also on other people’s blogs.  Was I keeping up with the “normal” weight loss that others were experiencing?  Were the same things happening to me?

I want to caution readers to not get too wrapped up in *my* weight loss numbers and progress. I post them here as documentation of my journey. Everyone on this program has a different body composition and metabolism. My weight loss was pretty fast. Optifast patients often lose 50 pounds in 20 weeks (this is part of their advertising “* The typical OPTIFAST patient loses over 50 lbs in 18-24 weeks.”) – so 80 lbs in 22 weeks is crazy fast. My doctor confirms this every visit. I’m sure there are people that lose even more in that time frame. There are a few things that I believe contributed to this (other than 99.9% compliance).

1) I am pretty tall (5’9.5″) for a woman and fairly large boned. You know how men lose weight quickly?  I’m kinda built like a man (I’ll thank my German ancestry for that).

2) My recommended maintenance caloric intake, for my size and frame, is over 2000 calories/day so being on an 800 calorie (or 960 calorie in my case since I do one Optifast HP product/day) is going to produce rapid results.

3) I regularly weight trained for over 1.5 years before finding my way to an Optifast clinic. I had put on a LOT of lean muscle mass and, as you may know, this burns extra calories.

4) I have continued to exercise pretty much from day 1. I did find that exercising a lot more than normal really doesn’t result in greater weight loss numbers so my goal was to continue what I was doing pre-Optifast (which was about 45-90 minutes at the gym every other day or so). Now, in January I started “the streak” and have done a mile every single day either walking or running. Dr. Ziltzer and I both noticed that my weight loss was consistently a little higher after starting that.

5) I do typically drink the recommended amount of water plus extra when exercising.

6) I get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

I have been on the Optiast 800 products (4 per day – bars, shakes, or soups) + 1 Optifast HP shake every morning. I switched to the “partial plan” at 20 weeks which is 1 Optifast HP shake in the AM, 2 Optifast 800 products (bars, shakes, soups), “lean and green” meal for dinner, and 1 Optifast 800 product as an evening snack (bar or shake).

I’m going to create a link to this post at the top of my “Progress” page.  I hope that my results do not produce anxiety.  If you are on Optifast, stick with the program.  It works. It might not be as fast – it might be faster – but IT WORKS.

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One Response to What I Think Worked

  1. mje2002 says:

    Thanks for your thorough information of your experience. I’m just getting ready to do a consult with my Dr. re: Optifast. I appreciate hearing “real” peoples’ experiences. I need something portable and this seems to fit that need. I’m excited to see how it goes. Best of luck on your 1/2 marathon!!


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