While I am slowly closing in on my goal weight, my thoughts have shifted much more to my exercise program than my food.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have to do quite a bit of planning to get just my one “lean and green” meal on the partial plan taken care of every day, but I am much more comfortable with that now after a few weeks.

Since finally shaking most of the bronchitis, I am getting back into running again.  Using my inhaler 2x about 15 minutes before exercising seems to be helping as well.  I set a goal to run the mile at 5.0 mph – a 12 minute mile – before my next appointment with Dr. Ziltzer.  I just got the solid mile down a couple of weeks ago (around 4.4-4.5mph) so this was pretty aggressive, for me.  But since I am “streaking”, I get plenty of opportunity to build up my stamina and try different things.  Almost every day this week I have been increasing the pace just a bit – and this morning I did it – 1 mile at 5.0mph!  I was pretty red (and sweaty) when I finished but I survived.  I almost wonder if running the mile faster is a bit easier because I am *done* faster.  Running at the faster speeds requires leg strength and cardio fitness – things I’ll have to step up together little by little.  So, I’m looking forward to sharing my progress with Dr. Z tomorrow and seeing what he recommends to get from the 12 minute mile to the 10 minute mile.  I need to know how much to push my heart – which seems to be the limiting factor now.  I think he’ll probably recommend some sprints at least once a week to work the legs up to that speed.  Its funny how a 10 minute mile seemed to be the “norm” when we were kids running in PE and it just seems SO fast now!

Today I got back on the Koko Fit Check machine before starting my run.  I have been ever-so-slowly inching into the “Koko Fit Zone” which is an enhanced BMI measurement.  When I started, I was WAY OUTSIDE the Fit Zone and I can’t believe I am so close – in fact, I am .1% from the Fit Zone.  Woo Hoo!


Today I had my appointment with the asthma / allergy doctor.  This is the first time I have visited a “non-weight-loss” doctor since starting the Optifast program.  I used to always dread going to doctor appointments because I knew the scale would be involved and I would just feel like crap from that point on.  But today was totally different.  I was a new patient and they had no past weight history for me but it was still a good feeling to jump up on their scale.  It was one of those manual ones – with the weights at the top.  Since I’m tall, nurses never selected the correct weight and I would stand there while they had to keep adding the big 50 pound weights on to make the thing balance.  Sometimes I would just save them the trouble …. “start at 200″…”start at 250″….  Ugh.  Not today!!  First time in ages I just watched it start (and stay!) at 150 + the extra pounds on the slider thing.

Anyway, the doctor was super nice – one of those appointments where you start out in his office instead of the exam room.  I like that because it gave us a chance to talk and not feel very rushed.  He sat down and took a big sip of coffee from his Baylor University cup so I had to trash talk about that – I went to SMU, a rival college several hours north in Dallas, TX.  He was at Baylor during the SMU Eric Dickerson / Craig James years….I was at SMU during the football death penalty.  Then, we kept talking and realized that we also went to rival high schools here in Scottsdale.  He told me (jokingly) that I should probably just leave because this wasn’t going to work out.  So, I really liked him.  He asked me a ton of questions about my asthma history and also, like Dr. Ziltzer, concluded that it was most likely an exercise-induced asthma problem but wanted to have me go through a series of lung function tests.  I have never ever had these and this was something I was hoping to get out of the appointment.  I went in another room and did the lung function test before and after using my inhaler.  I also did another test – NIOX – I believe.  Not exactly sure what that was measuring (allergy induced asthma measurements I think) but my results were normal so that was the end of that.  The lung function tests were also pretty normal.  He did, however, show me on the graphs how my inhalations had a really weird shape to them and that often results from vocal chord issues, of all things.  He said that is hard to diagnose without having a camera on the chords – which is a little extreme.  He also said that it is most common in “young, female, athletes” – and he said I qualified as that.  Hahahahaha.  Young.  Athlete.  I LOVE HIM 🙂  Oddly enough, the best way to work on that is with a speech therapist that can help you train the muscles of the throat to relax more.  Um, no.  At least not right now.  And this takes us back to the exercise induced asthma diagnosis.  He felt that with a new (not expired) inhaler, I should be in pretty good shape.  I agree with him.  He said if I don’t see some improvement, to go back in and we’ll try something else.  Very nice guy and very interested in helping me improve.  I told him about the weight loss when we had first started talking and he concluded with saying something about doing everything to help me continue with my success.

That appointment took about 3x longer than I thought it would.  Unfortunately, my little doggie was at the groomers all the way up by my house and they had left several messages saying he was ready to be picked up.  I was registered for a class at Scottsdale Weight Loss which was down the street from the asthma doctor.  So, I had to drive like a maniac all the way back north, get the dog, drop the dog off at home, then get back on the freeway to return to where I had just come from (of course the gas light came on along the way).  I was about 5 minutes late but it was a class I really wanted to attend – “The Secret to Keeping it Off”….everyone should want to attend that!  The class was pretty good.  I knew most of the information already but it is always good to hear it again for reinforcement.  The main resource for the material was from information gathered from the National Weight Control Registry.  This is a registry of successful weight loss maintainers (they had to lose a minimum of 30 pounds and keep it off for one year).  There is a lot to be learned from their habits!

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