Just Breathe

I had hoped to post a long string of happy thoughts about enjoying Spring Break with my kiddos.  For the most part, we have had a really nice time together and checked a few fun things off our “bucket list”.  Time seems to be going way too fast though and tomorrow is already Friday!

My little girl did not have strep.  Fortunately, her high fever ended after one day and whatever virus she had/has did not develop into anything that held her down for long.  In fact, she was able to go to her 3.5 hour gymnastics practice last night and felt well enough to do this:IMG_3390

Aaaand, the vacuum required a bunch of new parts but, I’m handy like that, so I repaired it myself and now the thing works like it is brand new.  Problem solved.

All was going great in my “just roll with it” mindset until late this afternoon.  I seem to have misplaced an envelope with some important documents and checks that I am supposed to mail in on behalf of others and now I can’t find it.  Anywhere.  I looked all this afternoon and turned every inch of my desks and kitchen apart.  Ugh.  I am pretty convinced that during one of our cleaning and sorting sprees earlier in the week it got shuffled into a stack of paperwork that headed to the recycling can….which was already picked up Wednesday morning.  I did a little dumpster diving tonight in my backyard and it ain’t in there.  Ugh!  In the scheme of things, it can be rectified but I really don’t want to have to go back to these people and ask for them to repeat what they already gave me.  It sucks.  I’m so mad and disappointed at myself for not taking better care of it.  I had really tried to work on keeping our living spaces more organized and it just didn’t happen in this case.  I’m going to try to not let it ruin the rest of my weekend although I know it is going to be on my mind until I actually work through getting it straightened out with those involved.

My hubby came home from his conference tonight.  He has been out of town all week.  I wish I had been in a better mood but he could tell right away that I was distracted and not happy.

I guess the one positive thing I can say about this afternoon’s problem was that at no point did I feel like I really needed to eat something.  I know in the past I would have “taken a break” and eaten a bowl of Cheetos or something while I stewed on the situation.  That didn’t even occur to me today – and it was a looooong afternoon of dealing with it.  The only thoughts that popped into my head were that I still haven’t run my mile yet today and this type of stress is going to mess with my breathing…  I intended to go straight to the gym to run after dropping the carpool off at football practice but, instead, I came home to keep digging around for the envelope.  I almost blew off the running to opt for a slow walk at home but decided to just get back in the car and go back to the gym.  I’m glad I did because I proved to myself that although it might be a little more difficult to run when I’m stressed out, it can be done and I didn’t die – I just found myself gulping for air a little more than usual.

But, I really need to be focusing on making this a fun week – we all really need it!  My sonIMG_3376 went paintballing in the desert with his friends.  I had a nice day of  IMG_3378shopping with my girls and we discovered a yummy new restaurant that they can’t wait to go back to.  My little girl got to spend time in her cardboard box in the backyard.  This morning we got our annual Easter baby duck pictures taken (hopefully I can post them tomorrow) and then finally made our way to Portillo’s for lunch … which brings me to the next part IMG_3377of my week – the eating!

At some point before spring break started I guess I decided that I was going to give myself a little leeway this week.  After all, if we had been on an actual trip, I would be eating out for most meals and having to eat more than one “real food” meal, most likely.  I wanted to be able to take my kids out to some of our favorite restaurants and I felt like it was time that I deal with being in them myself.  I have been tracking everything very closely in ‘My IMG_3393Fitness Pal’ and although the calories have been under what they recommend, they are still way above what would be considered for an Optifast “partial plan”.  I haven’t seen any weight gain but it has been a week since I last weighed in and I definitely haven’t lost any – for the first time in almost 6 months.  This is a little depressing, actually.  I also know my body is gearing up for “that time of the month” so some of it might be that too.  I just need to, again, look at the positives:



  • I have eaten out at my favorite places
  • I had extremely small portions of the food I have been missing for many months and left it at that
  • I have continued to “streak” with my mile a day – most days running it and improving my times.

I do need to commit to getting back to business next week when things return to “normal” and our school/activities schedule returns.   I want to get to goal as quickly as possible and not prolong this any more than I have to.

So, for now, I’m going to go get some sleep and try not to worry so much.  I need to just breathe.

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