Balancing Act

As we have heard, over and over, life is a balancing act.  I learn this lesson every single day as I juggle everything I have to do (laundry, dishes, laundry, driving, dishes, cooking) with things I want to do (relax, play a game, go for a walk, meet a friend, fun home projects).

Once a month at Scottsdale Weight Loss, the 2 doctors and one of the psychologists come together for an evening when any patient can come in and ask questions or just have a general discussion about weight loss/maintenance topics.  The group is called “Success Club” but I quickly learned that anyone can attend – not just those who have already had “success”.  I have gone to most of them just because I always pick up a few important pieces of information that I probably would not have learned about in one of the classes or doctor visits.  For example, it was here that I learned about the “Streak With Us” Facebook group that was started by these doctors and it has been quite life changing for me.

The last meeting was several weeks ago but I have been thinking a lot about something Dr. Ziltzer discussed.  I don’t remember what led to the topic but it had to do with exercise and diet in weight maintenance.  This program is about weight loss but, more importantly, about weight management after that weight is gone.  Our title from (almost) here on out is “weight manager” – we are not done with the program.  Anyway, Dr. Ziltzer drew a little picture on the white board that looked something like this:

food exercise balance

So, as weight managers, we must live our lives in a balancing act between food intake and exercise (seems pretty obvious, right?).  While it is possible to maintain a healthy weight with very little exercise, the balance is super critical and every little calorie needs to be monitored carefully to maintain it.  On the other hand, adding in lots of exercise, allows for more food … and freedom.  Some people that hate to, or can’t, exercise, might be more comfortable with a smaller “scale”.  Others, like me, who love to eat and enjoy exercise, will be more comfortable working with a bigger “scale”.    I need a visual like this in my head though when I don’t want to head to the gym.

I just read today on SWLC’s blog that weight managers should strive to burn 2500 calories/week through exercise.  That is a pretty big number – one that requires consistency in workouts.  Just doing a mile a day is not going to burn that much – not even close.

Easter and Spring Break are over and the kids went back to school today and my husband is back at the office.  The house is a disaster and I will pretty much stay home today and clear the wreckage.  The playroom is about 75% complete – unfortunately, 25% of it is now in my living room and (gulp) partially strewn across our front door entry way.  Not very attractive.  I am looking forward to a day of quiet and cleaning though, in some weird way.

Yesterday I ate more than I have in 6 months.  It wasn’t over the top crazy but I did have a little of everything that was served at our Easter dinner with family – including a small-ish slice of cake that my daughter and I baked.  I also sampled some homemade cinnamon bread in the morning.  Although I have been very good for months and months with the chips and cookies in our pantry, there is something about homemade baked goods that I am really struggling with.  I haven’t really baked much while on the program but that changed last week.  As usual, my husband and kids just aren’t really eating much of it (what is wrong with them??)  If it isn’t eaten in the next day or two I’m throwing it out!After we came home from dinner last night I immediately put on my workout clothes and went out for a run in the neighborhood and got my mile done.  So glad that I have the “streak” to keep me on top of my exercise.I’m not beating myself up about the eating but I need to commit to getting back on track today and this week.  I have eased up significantly on the program and I need to finish.  These last 10 pounds will be the most difficult to get off, I can tell that already.

Looking forward to a busy few months.  The 4th quarter of school is always crazy but fun.  It will be emotional for me as my son will be “graduating” – that’s for you, Tami 🙂 – from his elementary school and moving on to middle school next year.  The core of my friends are all moms from his 6th grade class – friends since they were in Kindergarten.  Time sure flies!  My little girl has gymnastics meets the next 3 weekends and the usual basketball and football games and practices on top of that.  My oldest will be finishing up her basketball season during the next couple of weeks also with about 5 more games.  Ack!

Although I really have no control over my weight loss and I have never set a timetable on it, I’m really hoping to be wrapping up this phase of it by Mother’s Day weekend in early May.  I’m going to really focus on staying with the program until then.  Not to say that I haven’t been doing well, but this past week I think I have drifted a bit too much and I can definitely tell there is a “slippery slope”.  Time to buckle down and finish strong!

Have a great week!

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4 Responses to Balancing Act

  1. Tami says:

    Great post! Thanks for the “shout out”…(graduation, not promotion. lol) Your blog rocks.


  2. Mayita says:

    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 Great motivation. I just started with Dr.Z


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