“Everything is Better”

So every few visits Dr. Ziltzer asks me some random question that I am totally unprepared to answer. I am horrible at thinking up answers on the spot. It is usually something like “What has been the greatest benefit of this weight loss?” Apparently he asked me this several weeks ago because I was just looking at my ‘Patient Routing Sheet’ that I go home with after every visit and the ‘Last Visit MD notes’ are typed on them along with weight loss graphs and other stats from the visit. So my answer was, evidently, “Everything is Better”.

Everything IS better. It really is hard to explain. But when you go through a dramatic physical, emotional, and lifestyle change like this and have positive results, there are just countless little things that change your whole outlook on life. I am opening myself up to new activities and experiences almost daily. There are very few things that I let hold me back now. When everything is easier, looks better, fits better, has more energy, makes you healthier, challenges your courage or endurance … LIFE is better.

This has been a pretty good week. It sure seems like it flew by though! I had plans tonight but they got postponed so it is nice to have an unexpected evening at home…actually my husband and I ended up going out for dinner before picking up the little one from gymnastics but now I’m home in my pj’s!

My lost paperwork disaster I last wrote about has been taken care of after a few sheepishly sent emails and apologies. Everyone, of course, was very cool about redoing everything and re-writing checks. I just felt stupid – I tend to have this undeserved reputation of being able to handle a lot of things and projects and this was just a colossal failure of organization. But, the important thing in this case is that I really tried to not let it get me down too much and I just took care of it … and have moved on!

Running has been going very well. I can’t believe how much easier it is getting all of a sudden. I’ve increased my distance to 1.4 miles this week and have also thrown in some faster intervals – all the way up to 6mph. I’m still mostly running indoor on the treadmill at Koko but did do a little outside on the high school track yesterday. My “streak” continues – it will be close to 3 months at the end of next week!

Yesterday I had to drive down to IKEA (about a good 30+ minute drive south) to return some things so I decided to go the outlet mall in that area to look for clothes. This mall is a little “rough” – not somewhere you would go at night – but during the day it is OK and many of the stores I wanted to look at (Nike Outlet, Gap Outlet, American Eagle, etc.) are all there. I have been so excited to rebuild my wardrobe but I am finding it to be a giant pain. I’m trying to be somewhat picky and only buy items that I really like so I don’t fill my closet with crap. I’m almost putting a little too much pressure on myself. I’m so used to just having a very limited section or a handful of stores to choose from so having virtually an entire mall’s worth of stores to choose from is, frankly, overwhelming. Furthermore, I don’t really know what my final size will be. Shirts are pretty safe but pants sure seem to be interesting. I bought some 14’s and they are starting to get a little loose. Between the running and another 10 pounds or so to lose, I’m not too sure where I will end up. So I think I’m going to kinda stop buying many of them until that settles a little. I have enough for now. I did buy a pair of size 12 capris at the Gap Outlet and they fit just fine <insert happy dance>. So, I got a few more things. Little by little I’ll get there.

I spent all day today at a lake northwest of Phoenix called Lake Pleasant. My daughter’s entire 3rd grade class went there on a field trip. They did some team building exercises, went on a short hike, and learned about desert survival. It was a long day but gorgeous outside and I’m glad I went. Here is a photo of us … because I now allow my photo to be taken 🙂


So we have the usual very busy weekend but I am thankful for healthy kids that enjoy their stuff. The little one has her final Trampoline & Tumbling (T&T) meet before the State Championships on 4/20 this Sunday so it will be fun to watch her do her stuff. She is also competing, for the first time, in a synchro event – where she and another teammate do their Level 6 routine on side-by-side trampolines (similar to synchronized diving). She amazes me with how far she has come this season. She is up against some very tough competition this year so we don’t have high expectations – just hope that she does the best she can do.

Well, I have a few other things to write about but I’ll save them for another time. I’m going to go enjoy some rare “couch” time and unwind a bit.

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One Response to “Everything is Better”

  1. Melissa says:

    Lookin’ fit and fabulous!!! I can totally relate with the clothing dilemma…I have found tops that fit fine, but the pants are indeed tricky. Hold off on those as long as you can — I mean, you don’t want your stuff falling off, but you are still going to be shrinking. Big “problem” to have, right? (wink, wink) I’m on a special maintenance diet and I may be holding steady with the weight, but apparently I’m shedding fat, because the pants I just bought (because I thought I was done) are getting loose. Grrrr….sick of shopping! Take care. Melissa


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