The Home Stretch

finishlineOrdinarily I don’t like to put any timetables on my weight loss but as my goal weight is within less than 5 pounds, I’m pushing hard now to the “finish line”. According to my first-thing-in-the-morning-no-clothes weigh-in on my bathroom scale, I am actually only TWO POUNDS AWAY! Of course, with clothes and a little bit of breakfast, that is going to jump up a bit.

I have an appointment with Dr. Ziltzer next Thursday and I would really like to be at my goal by then so I can get a plan from him for Transition. I can always push my appointment out another week – which would be fine because I realized after I scheduled it that was only 3 weeks since my last appointment, not the 4 weeks that he had marked down. But, I made a decision on Tuesday night that I really wanted to wrap this up soon. The fastest way to do that is to temporarily switch back to the “full fast” for a bit. I have resisted this because I felt it was most important for me to work on meal planning, shopping, and actual meal “execution”. I think I have a pretty good handle on that now. It isn’t easy but I have gotten into a routine – and a back-up routine for when I just don’t have my act together. This seemed like a good week to switch things up though. My husband is on a business trip and I’m just planning meals for the kids. Having a shake or bar instead of dinner is pretty convenient right now and I’m not really missing any “family meal time”. I will probably just do this for a few days and see where I am. With the full fast, it is pretty realistic that I could get that off before next Thursday. Just by following the full fast yesterday, the scale was down a solid pound this morning. If I’m not there, I will just move my appointment out another few days to a week – but then I’ll be running up against my monthly cycle…

On Tuesday I took my final Optifast class at Scottsdale Weight Loss. It was probably the most important one for me – Planning and Cooking Healthy Meals. I like that our instructor, Tiffani – a registered dietician, is also a mom of 3 kids that are almost the exact same ages as my kids. After class, another mom and I were talking about how much harder it was to incorporate our healthy meals into a meal plan that our extremely active kids could/would eat as well. Tiffani talked to us for a while and gave us some suggestions of ways she does this with her family. I will probably set up a few private appointments with her once I am in maintenance to continue to work through this. I have gathered quite a few ideas though so far. I am starting to realize how much time I am going to need to build into my schedule for this. I’m sure it will get easier and more “automatic” in time though. We were given a list of “staple” items to keep in our pantry – that almost always translates into time-savings if I don’t have to run to the store.

We have a big weekend coming up. The state T&T championships are on Saturday for my baby girl. We aren’t expecting a lot of medals this year, which might be hard for her to take because last year she won 1st in 2 out of 3 events. State champions get their names on banners that hang in our gym and that is a coveted reward. This year, however, she has moved up in both age grouping and level. She is now with some crazy talented girls, some that are a year older. Just hoping for her best performance. This is also the meet that can qualify her for the Junior Olympic Nationals in Kansas City this summer. This is what has me a little stressed because our summer vacation plans pretty much hang in the balance of whether or not we are going there in July. It would be nice to just move on with making our plans. I hope we can just have some closure to that this weekend. She has one other chance to qualify but that is at the Regional competition in about 3 weeks in Las Vegas. I’m trying very hard to not let my anxiety about it rub off on her. She is pretty much cool as a cucumber and she operates best this way.

Well, off to run my mile of the day and then a little clothes shopping!

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