One Hundred Days

100 daysYesterday I hit a pretty big milestone – 100 straight days of my mile-a-day streak.  That’s one straight mile, every day, no matter what.  There were days I was sick with a fever, days when I worked on exhausting projects until 11:30pm, and days I was just plain tired…but I did it!  For more info on how this started, you can read about it here.

This “streak” has just become part of my daily schedule – much like brushing my teeth.  I don’t have to think every day if I’m going to get it done, the question is always when? 

One of the other “habits” that has stuck pretty well is using MyFitnessPal to record my meals.  Our dietician says to make sure we are recording our food (using whatever means, a food journal, an app, etc.) within 10 minutes of finishing our meal so we don’t forget anything.  I’m not that good yet, but I do get it done throughout the day so I don’t have to play catch-up at night.  Having my iPhone attached to me all day makes this pretty easy.  They recommended that we start this habit even when we are just on Optifast products to get the routine down.  I started regularly doing it at the same time I added in my one regular food evening meal.  It will get more involved after I can’t just enter some Optifast product most of the time, but I have a pretty good list of frequently used food and meals now so it shouldn’t be too bad.  Using the barcode scanner with my phone is a huge timesaver too.

My weigh-in and appointment with Dr. Z is tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be at goal.  My weight still swings by 5 pounds or more throughout the day depending on my hydration level but in the morning it is pretty consistently under 170 lbs.  I’m excited to move into the next phases of Transition and Maintenance.  I feel pretty well prepared but have lots to learn and, most of all, practice.  I’m spending much more time at grocery stores checking out different options – stores like Sprouts and Trader Joe’s will be more frequent stops than our regular Fry’s/Kroger store.  I’m planning on scheduling some sessions outside of the weight loss center with the dieticians to help me work through some meal plans too.  Although I have a bunch of ideas and suggestions, I need to make sure that I’m getting all of my nutrition needs taken care of too.  Optifast is so easy because everything is provided every single day if you eat all of the products.  Once I start eliminating those one by one, I’ll need to make up for it with regular food.

I had my annual appointment with my primary care doctor where we went over (in person) my blood work results and other stuff.  It was so nice to be able to walk in and out of the office as a person of healthy weight and overall health.  She was so excited to see the huge drops in my unhealthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  She also mentioned numerous times that she can’t believe I lost 100 pounds because my skin doesn’t show it.  She said people that lose that much weight usually have a lot more excess skin.  I don’t have a lot to compare myself to, so that was good to hear.  I still think my stomach could benefit from some surgery (after 3 nine pound kids, I don’t even blame all of it on the weight) but I’m glad she didn’t start giving me plastic surgeon referrals immediately upon looking at me – haha.  She is pretty convinced that my exercising (both pre-weight loss and during) helped immensely.  Anyway, I’m currently leaning towards not looking into surgery – it really isn’t that bad and isn’t causing me any discomfort at all.  It could tighten up even more in time.

On a mental health note, I have finally calmed down from my weekend gymnastics stress.  That was ridiculous but, nevertheless, real emotions.  Again, I’m not upset with my daughter, just a little frustrated that I couldn’t just wrap up our summer plans and move on.  Dangling uncertainty is difficult for this life-long planner!

And finally, I have booked reservations and plans with my college friends (5 of us) for an awesome spa weekend in Santa Fe, NM this summer.  We try to get together every few years – from all over the country.  We did almost this same trip 2 years ago and it was just so easy and relaxing – great spa, great food and drinks, cute and walkable town.  We really enjoyed ourselves and Santa Fe is pretty central for us.  Excited that this year I will be going looking similar to how I did in college.  What an awesome feeling!

Well, hopefully much to report tomorrow.  Hoping that I am at GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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