Tank Top Season


Well, it would appear that the summer has arrived in Phoenix. Our spring was much too short and the 100 degree temps will be here before May even starts. This is not a surprise. It is a bit shocking to the system the first few days but, as a native Arizonan, I tolerate it pretty well. The only thing I mind about the heat now is when it drags into late September and October. Everyone else around the country is putting up fall decorations and we are still melting. I suppose that is how people in the northern part of the country felt last week when we were having pool parties and it still continued to snow and close schools.

Anyway, I realized recently during my many many trips to the malls to buy clothes, that I could probably now get away with wearing tank tops. I have bought a few in recent years but realized how hideous they were on my fat arms. I never actually wore them in public. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Maybe if I had a little bit more of a tan but I have to really watch my sun exposure due to (2 instances of) melanoma skin cancer.

When I had my initial consult appointment at Scottsdale Weight Loss, I remember telling Sheila, the patient coordinator, that I had been lifting weights for a long time and that if I could just get the fat off of my body, I would bet that I had a pretty good physique. She told me of another patient that had a similar story and she said it was amazing to see the transformation. It seemed like such a dream then, but here I am just 7 months later and I can see it now on myself. The weights had transformed my body and the running is really continuing to reshape it. My arms have a way to go but, really, I think they look pretty damn good for someone who just lost 100 pounds in 6 months. My primary care doctor said that there is usually much more skin hanging around and that I looked great.

IMG_3508So, I think I’m gonna wear tank tops. In public. I think I have worked hard and am ready to do it. Sure, there are many “Scottsdale” moms running around that have much nicer arms but that’s OK. I’m going to try not to compare myself to them. I’m on my own journey….and I’m going to be MUCH cooler this summer!


IMG_3507 IMG_3505

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One Response to Tank Top Season

  1. Tami says:

    You look great my friend. Rock those tank tops!


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