Let Them Eat Cake

Last night we celebrated the First Communion and Confirmation of our youngest daughter (yes, on a Wednesday – not ideal).  It was a great night on many levels – most of all because I AM DONE TAKING MY KIDS TO SACRAMENT PREPARATION!  WooHoo!  Honestly, it has been all very nice and I usually learn something but this has been going on for years and years … and years.  As soon as one kid was finished, the next one was just starting.  It is nice to say that I have done my ‘Catholic Mom’ duties and gotten them this far.  They’ll continue on with youth group activities at church in middle and high school but, for the most part, my involvement in that is purely as chauffer.

IMG_3072 IMG_3076

IMG_3074 IMG_3088

Anyway, I had a Groupon for my favorite cake place (that was about to expire) so I drove over there yesterday to pick out a “celebration” cake for after the Mass.  You know, for our big Wednesday night party….not.  I’ll spare those on full Optifast any pictures of the yummy creation – but it was from “Nothing Bundt Cakes” and they are pretty darn good.  I’m pretty picky about my baked goods calories (most store bought cakes just aren’t worth it to me) but these, most definitely, qualify as “worth the calories”.  When we got home from Mass and the small reception, we all sat down with a slice of cake and I decided that this was a completely appropriate time for ME to have cake.  We are all together and celebrating a big event in my child’s life.  An inappropriate time to have cake is at 10 AM after a workout and I am home alone doing laundry.  See, I think I have finally learned the difference.  Of course, the child celebrating didn’t want any cake last night and she fell asleep on the couch.

This afternoon I’m pretty sure I heard the cake calling to me from inside the refrigerator so I decided it was time for us to part ways as soon as possible.  I cut off some sizeable chunks and sent them with my son’s friends as they were walking home from school.  I practically ordered my kids to eat cake before they walked in the door.  Daughter #1 had a big slice though – yay!  Daughter #2, has yet to touch her own cake.  Unfortunately now my son doesn’t want to eat any either because he doesn’t like frosting and it is touching the cake.  To which I say “WHAT THE HELL?!?”   I will confess to having a small sliver.  Further proof that it needs to go.  Very soon.

Other completely unrelated topics:

I had my annual mammogram this morning.  Everything was normal – yay!  I told the tech that I had recently lost 100 pounds and she was pretty excited but also said she was glad that I mentioned this because the radiologists would be wondering where my boobies went.  She didn’t really use those words exactly – whatever she said was more professional.  But I thought it was a good point…if you lose a lot of weight, make sure you mention this to the x-ray technician.

I went to the gym today.  I don’t know what is up this week but I don’t seem to have my usual energy for running.  My legs feel very heavy.  But, as I was running, I really took a moment to be “mindful” of how I felt.  My first conclusion is to always think I am “dying” but, when I really thought about it, I felt pretty good.  My breathing while running has improved dramatically.  I was running at 5.5 mph (an 11 minute mile) pace – which, just a month ago, was too fast – but I probably could have carried on a winded conversation today.  The real issue the past couple of days has been with my legs.  Maybe this is what Dr. Ziltzer meant when he said that the interval training would help my leg muscles.  Back then I was much more concerned about my breathing but I do think it is my legs now that are getting tired.  Anyway, I really pushed through it today to see if I could … and I did.  Another 11 minute mile.  I’m sure soon I’ll be closing in on the 10 minute mile.  Not very long ago I had to push and push to get the 12 minute.  So, I’m glad to see the progress.  I’m getting there!

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