Retail Therapy

It looks like the hormonal surges the last 2 weekends have not returned. I’m having a great weekend. I’m usually in a pretty good mood so whatever the hell took me over recently actually scared me a bit. It coincided with both my monthly cycle and my transition into Maintenance so I’m not entirely sure where it came from. Either way, I hope “crazy sports mom” (that would be ME) doesn’t return any time soon.

This weekend is quieter than most too. My husband took my youngest up to our cabin to get the water turned back on and to check on things. My oldest has a nasty cold and I’m hoping and praying that she shakes it soon and that the rest of us do not get it before our trip to Las Vegas next weekend.


I took a quick picture with my iPad while surfing Pinterest. Truly “relaxing”.

Yesterday I started my day by getting my Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) measured at Scottsdale Weight Loss. For this test, you are not supposed to eat anything for 4 hours beforehand. I went in at 9:30 and the test took about 30 minutes total. You relax in a chair with your nasal airway completely blocked by a giant clothespin looking device. Then you put a mouthpiece in your mouth that is attached to the RMR measuring machine by a long breathing tube (kinda looked like ventilator tubing). All you do is sit quietly and breath normally for 10-15 minutes. Jamie put a box of Kleenex nearby and the garbage can and told me that I would probably start drooling and could use the tissue to mop up my face. Excellent. I was unaware of this possibility. So, she left me to read magazines and my iPad while relaxing and breathing. I am happy to report that I did not drool. I did get a little panicky at first, but then I realized that I could breath as deeply as I needed to with this thing in my mouth. The machine was not going to restrict any air from me – it just seemed like it could. Once I got over that feeling, I relaxed and the time went pretty quickly. My mouth got pretty dry and I could feel the saliva pooling up but was able to swallow without removing my mouth or drooling out of it. When the machine finally beeped, Jamie came and disconnected me. She had all kinds of printer problems so I never saw the report – but she assured me it was saved on the machine and they could print it later. I probably wouldn’t have seen it anyway since Dr. Ziltzer has to look it over and then we’ll review it together on Monday.

So, after that fun I decided to make the drive about 20 minutes north of Phoenix to a nice outlet mall to do some clothes shopping. I’m looking at our calendar and realizing that school will be out before I know it and the days are filling up quickly. One thing I did before leaving was a little “meal planning”. Normally I would head straight to a mall with the plan of grabbing lunch there at the food court but I thought ahead a little and decided I would practice some of the things I’ve learned and pack a lunch. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a IMG_3532little travel lunch box thing for just such occasions. It came with some plastic boxes with lids and a thing you put in the freezer to keep things cold. I chopped up some fresh mixed berries in one box, some carrot sticks in another, and then I made myself a sandwich with deli sliced roast beef, turkey, tomatoes and several thin avocado slices. Despite Dr. Z telling me “no starches yet” I bought a bag of micro-thin whole wheat pitas so that I could make my “lean protein” into a sandwich. It has 80 calories (and a decent amount of protein and fiber) and it has changed my life this week. Well, not really, but there is just something about combining that stuff into a sandwich that has been very satisfying. I know, I know – I could use lettuce or something but this little pita thing is perfect. So, after a couple of hours of shopping, I went inside the food court and ordered a large Diet Coke. Then I went to my car, got my little lunch purse thing, and had a perfectly lovely lunch outside under an umbrella. It was all very nutritious and delicious and I didn’t feel horrible afterward – like I would have if I ate 1000 calories of fried stuff. So, I realize there is nothing very exciting about this but this is not something I do. I’ve never been much of a ‘lunch packer’ in my adult life – especially since I left the working world. My husband has probably taken a packed lunch to work maybe 5 times in our 18 years of marriage. So this is something very foreign to me. I know it is much healthier (not to mention financially better) so I hope to make this more of regular occurrence.

IMG_3555But the best news of the day was that I finally hit a shopping jackpot! The Banana Republic outlet had a big selection of casual but nice clothes in a variety of styles and colors. It seems like lately most of the stores have so much of the same thing and I was so happy to find many different tops, etc. Plus, the whole store was 50% off. I bought about 6 tops, a dress, and a pair of cropped pants for only around $150. I went out Friday night with my girlfriends and got lots of compliments on one of my new tops. I also got one or two pieces from Calvin Klein, IMG_3552Columbia (for our Portland trip), Gap and Ann Taylor. IMG_3554Overall, it was well worth the drive up to the outlet mall. After shopping for several weeks now, I have “locked in” my pants size as a 12 – which is smaller than my “goal” size. When I was this weight, even pre-children- I was wearing 14’s so I’m really quite surprised that 12’s fit so well now. I’m guessing that sizes are just different 15 years later. I’m also surprised by how many Medium sized tops I am buying – and I like my tops a little roomier. So, I’ve got a great start on my summer wardrobe now. So excited!!

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