Another busy week has come to an end and now we are kickin’ back at our cabin and catching our breath.

Thursday was the last day of school for my kids. My oldest is moving on from middle school and will enter high school next year. She received a very nice award (outstanding 8th grade student) at her school for the program she has been participating in – a science/English/technology block class that is part of the district’s gifted program. My middle son is leaving the safe elementary school for middle school. His particular group of classmates and their parents are a special group that we have been very blessed to be in a school community with for 7 years. They held a “promotion ceremony” at his school Thursday morning and we all gathered together to send them off.


It was very emotional. Fortunately many of his friends will continue on to the same middle school but due to some unique programs and district boundary shifts, some will be heading off in other directions. So, earlier in the week I had a craaaazy idea to have an “after party” at our house on Thursday night. The kids were already having a “no parents allowed” pool party but afterward I invited a bunch of kids and their parents to our house. It actually turned out to be very very fun – we had 25+ kids and at least that many parents. The kids were swimming, dumping water buckets all over the place, crowding on our trampoline, running around with Nerf guns, eating and drinking everything. The parents were enjoying “adult beverages” and having a great time as well. Towards the end of the evening we set up the outdoor movie screen I built last fall and we had a re-broadcast of the slideshow movie that was shown at the ceremony. It had pictures of the kids going back to Kindergarten all the way through the last week of school. So incredibly sweet. The kids sat on towels on the grass/mud and watched. It was a great way to end the week.

I’m really glad we had the party. BUT, wow, it sure re-introduced a lot of tempting food and crap back into my house. I started off not eating very much of it but once I started it just got worse. I allowed myself way too much. Which was fine for one day but I’m having a really hard time turning the cravings off now. I told myself I would get back on plan the next day but when you wake up to this, that was not so easy….



So, while I cleaned up the disaster in and out of our house, I continued to nibble on the junk food. Ugh!



I did a few things that were good though. I did plan ahead on Thursday morning and realized that I would never get my mile in if I didn’t wake up early before everyone else got up and get it done. So I set my alarm for 6 AM and did about 1.5 miles in the neighborhood. I also had some Optifast products or lower calorie/high protein Greek yogurt smoothies throughout the day instead of a ton of high cal foods. On Friday morning I went to Koko and did over 3 miles along with a ton of activity cleaning up the house and yard.

Heading up to our cabin for Memorial Day weekend isn’t ideal either because the food-festival continues. I’m really in a downward slide now, however, I did pack a bunch of “maintenance” foods so I can eat much wiser. My monthly visitor arrived yesterday too so my eating craziness does make a little more sense now – still, it needs to be reigned in, rapidly. I’m still way more “mindful” than I ever would have been in the past but it was still not good. I brought my running clothes with me to the cabin and I’m looking forward to walking in our subdivision and the cooler mountain air tomorrow – it is getting too warm to exercise outside back in Phoenix.

So, my goal tomorrow is to get back on track and to use the wide open day (and awesome surroundings) as a gift to turn things back around. I will stick to the healthy foods I brought and I will walk and/or run at least 3 miles.

When we return home, however, I do not have the benefit of a “normal routine” again. School is out now and things will be much different. We are all more than ready for some down time but I can’t allow that to mean that my eating schedule and behaviors are not a priority or “on vacation”. In reality, all of the camps and practices will start back up in a week or so, so a new routine will emerge – it will just be different.

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One Response to Aftermath

  1. Great job on recognizing what you have going on and reallizing what you need to do to stay on track!!! Very inspiring! Keep it up Martha! 🙂


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