Hammock Time

We just returned from a much needed relaxing trip up north to our cabin.  Whenever we are back down in Phoenix, I think we need to sell it because we never get to spend time up there anymore.  But, weekends like we just had remind me that it might just be a very important part of our family’s life – a place to put on the brakes, relax, spend time relatively “unplugged” from our everyday life.

In my last post I talked about all the crazy eating I did before we left town and some of the things I was going to do to turn things around.  I’m happy to say that, for the most part, I stuck to that plan.  My husband and I did go out for dinner at a Mexican food place that we like (without kids!) and I ate a dinner I would not call low-cal but it wasn’t over-the-top either.  I had chips and salsa but I didn’t devour the bowl.  We did not order the super cheesy/greasy appetizer that we normally get.  And I had Diet Coke instead of a margarita.  So, all in all, it was an improvement.  We always get doughnuts from a really good bakery up north too and I did have ONE.  Not 3.  Only one.  I had it WITH my Optifast shake, which was a little strange … but that is the truth.  Yesterday afternoon I held to my promise to myself to go for a 3+ mile walk.  The awesome thing about being up at our cabin is that sometimes time just stands still.  Back home it is so hard for me to get my exercise in (hence, the value of the streak) but yesterday I told myself that I could just walk and walk as long as I felt like it.  So, I set out with my FitBit and my iPhone RunTastic app and walked around and around our subdivision – which is paved but has lots of cabins, horse corrals, pine trees, a little “town”, a lake, playground, etc. – lots of good stuff to look at.  I was planning on running some of it but I was cramping up a bit from my lovely monthly visitor and the wind was blowing like crazy in my face (no matter, it seemed, which direction I turned).  So, I just enjoyed a brisk walk.  I ended up staying out for over an hour and probably could have kept going but my bladder convinced me otherwise.  Shortly after I started out I came across my high school friend, Eric and his family at their cabin and we made plans to check out some new (to me) trails down the highway a bit later in the afternoon.  So, about an hour after getting back from my 3 mileIMG_3956 walk, we loaded up our family (and Warner, our schnoodle) and drove over to the county park to meet up Eric and his family.  Unfortunately my iPhone battery died halfway through that walk but I think we went close to 3 miles.  It was a beautiful afternoon and my husband and I now know about these trails in the woods that are so close to our cabin – for future reference.  At this point I had logged at least 6 miles for the day and over 15,000 steps.  My FitBit showed a 25 flight of stair climb but since the trails were predominantly flat, I don’t think that was even close to accurate.  We decided to head over for some pizza for dinner afterward and I did have 2 slices but I was pretty hungry after all of that and, in this case, I felt like this was probably an OK decision.  Maybe I’m justifying this type of eating too much.  I’m not really sure.  But at this point of the journey I don’t see a big problem with eating 2 slices of pizza after walking 6 miles.  I was, in fact, really hungry!  I probably could have eaten half of a pizza at that point but I opted for a side garden salad instead.

The rest of the trip I was very good.  I had lots of meals according to my “plan” that included lean deli meat, fruit, low cal/high protein snacks, etc.  I tried to drink lots of water too.

This morning, after pulling a bunch of weeds and raking up pine needles, I hauled a pile of magazines and a pile of blankets and pillows (it was actually a bit chilly this morning!) out to our porch and enjoyed some awesome quality time on our hammock.  There are few things that are quite as relaxing to me as floating on a hammock.  I probably could have stayed there all day.  Maybe I need to bring the hammock back home to Phoenix.  Maybe I should force myself to take 10 minutes a day and chill out in it….


We got back home tonight and I’m really excited about our break.  I’m ready to have fun with my kids.  I’m ready to tackle some organization projects around the house.  I’m looking forward to getting into a totally new rhythm and schedule which will include eating correctly and continuing to exercise.  With the desert heat ramping up quickly, I will be indoors for a long time so I need to figure out ways to keep my workouts fresh and challenging so that I continue to go to the gym.  Unless, God forbid, I decide to actually get up early and run outside <eek!>  Part of my plan, so far, is to work on 5K distances and finally achieve the 10 minute mile – hopefully within the next week or two (there I put THAT out there as a challenge to myself!)

It is sort of a new chapter starting – not just the summer vacation part, but things will be different from now on.  The kids are getting older and we have new challenges and excitement on the horizon with high school and a new middle school – THREE SCHOOLS for this mom to keep track of.  The scary thing is that even though they are on break, so many of the school related activities and camps start during the summer.  I’m ready.  But, I need to also remember to head back to the mountains and spend some time in my hammock 🙂

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