A New Low

Good morning and Happy Weekend!

I have survived the first week of my kids’ summer vacation!  Things are going pretty well but we have stayed pretty busy.  I guess the good thing is that I am making very short “To Do” lists and I actually have the time to get a few things done.

Summer is officially here in the desert and we are expecting temps close to 108 today and getting to 110 later this week.  Fortunately, my husband and I will be escaping later on in the week for Portland, OR on a KID FREE getaway.  My mother-in-law is watching over the kiddos for us- yay!  My oldest two kids are leaving Monday morning for a church camp in the mountains and within a couple of hours of picking them up from camp, we will leave for the airport.  So, lots and lots to get done!

One of the things I committed to in my maintenance binder was to record my weigh-ins weekly.  I have been weighing faithfully every morning but just realized recently that I have not actually been recording those readings.  Since I’m not going to the doctors’ office much more than once a month, I need a new system to keep track.  I considered getting a small notebook to keep in the bathroom but then decided the best thing would be to record my morning weigh-ins with MyFitnessPal.  I keep my iPhone upstairs in our bedroom / bathroom at night so it is very handy.  MyFitnessPal is a somewhat “public” record and I think that accountability will keep me in line.  So far those weigh-ins have been according to the scale at Scottsdale Weight Loss but I’m going to switch that up now.  Long term, my bathroom scale is going to have to be the one that tells me how things are going.  I will continue weighing in at the office for quite a while – but it probably won’t be for more than a year or so.  I also have the Koko Fit Check at KokoFitClub which will help me keep track of my eBMI and lean muscle mass.  Since I love the graphs though, I think MyFitnessPal is the best tool for my daily weigh-ins.  They will help me tie in the calorie intake information in case things start heading in the wrong direction.  Plus, I can see long term data easily and track monthly/weekly fluctuations.  I plan on creating a new menu heading on this blog to separate the two “phases” – active weight loss vs. maintenance.

With that said, my first-thing-in-the-morning-no-clothes weigh in hit a new low this morning – 165.8 pounds!  I am very happy with this number because the eating lifestyle I am living with right now is quite manageable.   I am eating a variety of foods in healthy portions.  I am eating when I am hungry.  I am allowing myself a few little treats here and there.  I can go to restaurants and eat the food I like, just in much much smaller portions (which I am OK with).  The exercise I am doing now seems like something I can maintain as well.  It is a balancing act, that is for sure, but changing a few major lifestyle issues (snacking on processed food, drinking non-diet soda, frequent fast food trips for meals) should be all I need to do to keep my maintenance weight in check.  Obviously, there is more to it than just that, but I really believe that is about 80% of the battle right there.

I am really getting close on the 10 minute mile.  I ran a 10:45 mile the other night.  My hamstrings were really sore from the extra walking/hiking I did up north last weekend and I pushed a little too hard on them.  I was also getting a twinge of pain (ACL?) in my right knee.  Oh lordy, I do NOT need knee problems now!  I posted my frustration about my running times on Facebook after I got home the other night and was flooded with kind responses from my friends – both runners and non-runners.  The runners had some very

Took the doggie for a mile-long walk/carry on a hot Phoenix day instead of running.

Took the doggie for a mile-long walk/carry on a hot Phoenix day instead of running.

good advice though which I am trying to incorporate.  One reminded me that I need a “rest” day – Dr. Ziltzer told me the same thing.  So yesterday I walked the dog (in the summer heat!) instead of running.  I think that was a good decision because my hamstrings feel 100% better today.  So, after I finish this I’m going to head back to the gym to try to shave a few more seconds off my mile.  Gonna walk an extra couple of miles today too because …

We have two pool parties to go to tonight.  Both should be very fun!  I’m guessing that there will be yummy food at both and I plan on having a couple of Michelob Ultra’s (gotta stay hydrated in this heat – haha!)  I bought a super cute maxi dress yesterday (shopping with my oldest teenage daughter is dangerous!) that I might wear tonight.  I was never a dress wearer but that seems to be what I am drawn to most in stores now.  Crazy!  I need to quit buying them though – there are only so many occasions that this mom would wear a dress.  I am also buying almost only tank-tops.  I am so excited to have arms that I don’t want to cover up.  I am probably delusional and will suddenly realize they should, in fact, be covered in sleeves.  But, my new tank-top loving self is motivated now to keep working the weights at Koko and build more lean muscle.  When I’m working on my arms at the gym I feel very … empowered … I guess is the word.  Now that I’m eating more real food, the strength training feels much easier and I’m starting to like it again.

Anyway, I guess I had better get to the gym so I can get on with my weekend.  Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing couple of days!


Holding the green ribbon around my waist – this ribbon was originally cut at the length of my starting waist diameter. I have lost about 11″ on my waist.

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One Response to A New Low

  1. Congratulations!!! I knew it was good news when I saw the blog title lol! Thats awesome! Keep up the good work! I cannot believe how hot it gets where you live – I’m in Sacramento and everyone just about had panic attacks when we hit 103 (possibly higher) this past weekend. Anyway, good luck with all your goals – I’m rooting for ya! 🙂


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