Rock n’ Roll

PFChangs2014You know those days when everything seems to converge on a thought or idea and it just seems “right”?  Well, I think that happened yesterday … but I’m still a little nervous about it.

The morning started off with my appointment at Scottsdale Weight Loss with Dr. Ziltzer.  I haven’t been for a weigh-in for a month but I’ve been monitoring things closely at home and knew I was at or slightly below my goal.  After 8 months of seeing Dr. Ziltzer, I really enjoy my visits with him and they are always just so incredibly positive.  Maybe I just want to keep it that way.  I know that if I had a gain above my goal weight he would be very kind and help me come up with some strategies to get back down to goal.  He has told me numerous times to never be afraid to come back in.  And I believe him.  Nevertheless, I really don’t want to have one of those appointments.  I just want to move forward.

So, I believe since I am enjoying running a bit, I have given some thought into what type of goals I might like to set for myself.  I’m still working on the 10 minute mile.  I’m learning I just can’t push the speed too much or I start to feel some pulls and strains in my knees that just can’t be good.  I am shaving off about 10-15 seconds every time I push for it though so that is great.  Tuesday morning I ran it in 10:30.  So close, yet so far.  But, I know from experience, it will come, and soon enough.  The 12 minute mile was so hard not very long ago and now it seems like a jog.  Anyway, I have planned all along to try some speedier 5K’s once the weather cools off next fall and little thoughts of attempting a half marathon have crept in too.  I really have no desire ever to run a full marathon.  I just don’t have the patience or time to put in that kind of training.  The half marathon, however, seems like a pretty good distance.  I would plan on walking part of it I believe.  The P.F. Changs Rock N’ Roll marathon is held in Phoenix every January and I’ve always wanted to be a part of it – even at my heaviest weight.  So many friends participate in it and it just looks like fun – usually great weather and live bands, etc.  I just love race atmospheres anyway.  I don’t know if I have even given voice to those thoughts though … until my appointment yesterday.  Dr. Ziltzer asked me “What’s next?”  He is one of those types that always has the next project or athletic goal on the horizon.  He just completed his first triathlon not too long ago.  So, I told him about running the 10 minute mile (which he knew about) and some faster 5Ks.  And then I said it… “and maybe I’ll shoot for the PF Changs next year”.  What. The. Hell?  Well, of course, he jumped on that and really encouraged that goal.  He thought the half marathon was the perfect distance for me.  He has run 20+ full marathons but is starting to question, after doing lots of research, if they are really very good for our health.  He said he has information to help me train for the half and that I could do it in about 2.5 months…

To wrap up the subject of my weigh-in, etc., I came in 2 pounds less than last month which officially brought my weight loss total to ONE HUNDRED POUNDS!!!! Wowzer!!  I guess I am doing a few things right in maintenance!  I’m continuing to buy some Optifast products.  I like the Optifast chocolate HP shakes in the morning for breakfast (blended with a frozen 1/2 banana, chocolate peanut butter Great Stuff powder, spinach, and ground flax seeds).  I also get the Optifast Chocolate Peanut Butter bars to take out with me if I think I’ll need a snack or meal and don’t want to fall into the fast food drive-thru trap.

Later that evening, I went to the bar for happy hour with my husband since kids #1 and #2 are away at camp and kid #3 was at her 4 hour gymnastics practice.  This was one of many moments yesterday when I just felt on top of the world.  I look great, I feel great, I’m super happy and I get to enjoy some time with my husband.  Anyway, I re-capped my appointment briefly and told my husband about the 1/2 marathon thing.  Great, now I have mentioned it to 2 people.  He supports me in everything and has a friend/co-worker that is a runner so he is very familiar with all things race related.  He has no interest in joining me in this endeavor, but he is always supportive.

After we got home, I poked around some blogs to catch up.  I don’t really even know how I got to this particular blog about running and eating but I just clicked on it and there, right on top, was a link about it being National Running Day (?) and that all Rock n’ Roll marathons and half-marathons were $20 off yesterday only.  Well, if that is not a sign!  Ha.  The entry fees for these things are pretty steep but the earlier you get in on them, the better.  The fee until 6/15 was $90 but yesterday only $70.  Compare that to the $125 and up ($145 at the day of the Expo) fees this fall, it seemed like a good time to just go ahead sign up before I talked myself out of it.

So, that was how it happened … how I committed to the “what’s next?” on my journey.  I really really have no intentions of becoming a serious “runner” but I do enjoy the confidence, stamina, shifting of my body mass, and weight loss protection it provides.  It is an activity that can provide a measurable beginning and an end and any number of things to work on as far as goals and “personal bests”.  I’ve also found the running “community” to be exceptionally supportive and kind.  If people find out that you are trying to run, they are there with encouragement, support, and stories of their first few miles.  Very few runners start out with this being easy.  I think the vast majority of them have stories like mine – maybe not 100 lbs. of extra weight – but other physical challenges they have overcome.  So, I’ll give it a shot!

“Optifastmom” gets a rare opportunity to be “Optifastwife” this weekend as we are leaving for a no-kid trip to Portland, OR this evening.  So excited to spend some time un-plugged with my husband.  We are staying in downtown Portland but will take day trips to the Oregon coast and, another day, east along the Columbia River and Multnomah Falls for some hiking.  The weather looks spectacular – we are very lucky.  The forecast is for mid to upper 70’s and sunny skies – a rare treat for Portland!  We also got bumped to first-class for our flight.  Life is good!

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2 Responses to Rock n’ Roll

  1. Farah Olsen says:

    I am so excited for you!!! If you EVER want company on a run, please let me know…we can go as fast or slow as you need!!! Running is more fun with friends!!


  2. Glad you figured out “What’s next?” 🙂 I made it to day 2 of streaking but honestly feel that I will be picking it up again soon. Good luck!!!! 🙂


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