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Cannon Beach. Haystack Rock hiding behind the tree.

We are home from a fantastic long weekend in Portland, OR.  Wow, did I ever need that trip!  It seems like I hardly ever get any “alone time” with my husband any more and, if we do, 95% of the conversation revolves around “who is driving who where and what time” or some other issue with the household.  We were upgraded to first class both ways on the trip and it just made the whole experience even more relaxing.  Our hotel room was great – very hip and in a good location to make walking everywhere very easy.  We really lucked out with the weather too – Portland had been having its usual rain storms but we got there during a week of sunshine and temperatures in the high 70’s.  On Saturday we drove west from Portland to

Cape Meares Lighthouse
Cape Meares Lighthouse

the Oregon coast and explored Cannon Beach and other little beach towns in the area.  We walked about 2 miles on the sand around Haystack Rock.  Then we drove a little further south to Tillamook and toured the cheese factory (and ate yummy ice cream!)  Saturday was the annual Rose Festival in downtown Portland.  Our hotel was in the middle of the parade route which snaked up and down a few of the main streets there.  Almost all roads around our hotel were closed so we were somewhat “trapped” but that was the day we IMG_4020intended to explore downtown anyway.  It was nice to just wander around without as many cars on the roads.  Everyone was in a “partying” mood due to the festival (although I think that is probably the way they always are).  I put 17,000 steps on my pedometer that day which is an all-time high since getting it!  On Sunday we drove east along the Columbia River gorge, stopping first to hike the beautiful Multnomah Falls then continuing on up and down the river.  That is some crazy beautiful country!!  We could not have ordered a more perfect and beautiful day!

IMG_4053 IMG_3996 IMG_3982 IMG_4047

Heading into the weekend of the trip, I was below my maintenance target weight goal so I just let any calorie watching fly out the window.  I definitely could have made some better choices but just by the nature of the way we were grazing and eating at weird hours, it wasn’t very conducive to healthy eating anyway.  I know if I had really been on top of things, I could have planned differently but this was not the kind of trip where I felt like I wanted to do that.  As a result, the scaled showed about a 5 pound swing up when I weighed in yesterday morning.  Having just gone through that after our Las Vegas trip, I did not panic this time.  I know what I need to do to get back under control.  To be honest, I was ready to start eating correctly again.  It was nice in to indulge in many of those yummy, but fattening, foods on the trip but by Sunday night I really just wanted a salad or a bowl of fruit or … even Optifast!  Yesterday I had a few Optifast products, another energy bar, a healthy dinner of pork tenderloin with broccoli and some fresh berries.  I went to the gym and ran 3 miles and I drank a ton of water.  The scale is already down 1.5 pounds this morning.  I got this!

The issue though is that I have another 2 trips coming up in a few weeks.  And this time they are back-to-back and one is much longer.  I won’t have the “recovery” period next time around until weeks and weeks down the road.  That is not good.  I’m going to have to practice a little more moderation.  After noticing how I felt after a few days of gluttony in Portland though, I think I am ready to try things differently.  After 8 months of watching my diet so closely, the past two trips have been a nice way to let loose and have some of those foods again.  But, I think maybe I’m getting a lot of that out of my system now.  There really aren’t that many things that I’m craving.  This next trip will be (and should be) mostly about relaxing and catching up with my friends from college.  Sure we will have many many cocktails and some great meals out, but I don’t anticipate it being a feeding frenzy quite like Las Vegas or Portland was.

IMG_4060I put in some serious mileage on our trip – the most steps on my FitBit ever.  The IMG_4059 hike at Multnomah Falls was over one mile and had 11 switchbacks.  It was very steep and difficult but I really didn’t need to stop much and was not very winded.  This time last year I would have barely made it and would have been a sweaty mess at the top.

I watched a few overweight people struggle with the hike and it made me realize how far I have come.  Actually, I found myself noticing overweight people a lot on this trip.  I was really struck by the look in their eyes and faces.  Did I look like that?  I must have because so many people comment on how different I am now (not just my looks).  I remember the feelings I had then though … thoughts running through my head like “how did I get so large?”, “I wish I had more energy to keep walking”, “I’m not enjoying being crammed in this little seat”, etc. etc.  I know there are obese people everywhere – but they just really stood out to me this past weekend.  I saw so many that were now suffering physical handicaps from their weight (although, I imagine, the cause/effect could be the other way around).  Regardless, I was exceptionally thankful for my health and happiness on this trip.  Grateful that I found a program that worked for me and somehow found the resolve to make the commitment this time.  I am becoming more and more aware of how so many others on this journey encounter so many roadblocks – financial, health, emotional, etc. and I count myself very blessed that I really skirted around them.  I’m glad I didn’t know how many things could get in my way – I might not have even tried.  Nevertheless, I have a huge amount of sympathy for those traveling this journey with way more to deal with than I have had.

I also had another weight-related thought-provoking experience on the plane home.  We had walked over to the famous Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland and bought a box early on Sunday.  We ate most of them in the morning but we had a couple of remaining doughnutsIMG_4067 so I packed the box in my carry-on for the flight home (as did many other passengers on our flight, haha).  About halfway through our flight (it was 11pm at this point) I pulled the doughnut box out and had one of our leftovers for dessert.  I had the box sitting on my lap and I was eating a giant doughnut (the “Old Dirty Bastard” as it was named) and the flight attendant stopped to discuss our Voodoo Doughnut experience.  We were talking about the crowds and the ordering experience and all the yummy flavors.  It was really fun.  As soon as she left I told me husband that if I had still been overweight, that would have been a really uncomfortable conversation.  I did not like to get spotted with food when I was that overweight.  Obviously I ate in public before but it would have been humiliating to be sitting on a plane with a BOX of doughnuts in my lap and something so decadent in my hand – and then to have a discussion about it with someone…<shudder>

Anyway, the societal “pressures” surrounding food, weight, diet, etc. were very apparent to me on this trip.  And this was in probably one of the least “judgmental” cities I have ever been to.  Portland is a very open and accepting city.  It wasn’t like a lot of beautiful people with plastic surgery were walking around.  Everything is very down-to-earth and very real.  Maybe I’m just at the point where I am starting to observe more about things around me instead of just being so focused on my own little journey.  Maybe since I was away from the craziness of my life with 3 kids, I had a chance to open my eyes (and feelings) a little.

So, back to reality.  I wasn’t even home for 7 hours before I had to wake up early to get my son off to his first morning of basketball camp.  I started off with an Optifast HP shake and hit the gym for 3 miles of running – which felt awesome!  With camp and vacation laundry awaiting me at home, I walked another 10,000 steps yesterday just in my house getting everything settled from the trips.  I’m going to hit the gym today but going to try to let my body relax a little too.  I went to the grocery yesterday and bought a bunch of healthy foods that need to be prepped so that I can get my eating back on track this week as well.  I do enjoy the predictable schedule of being at home so I should be able to get the extra pounds off in a week or so if I stay the course.

Back to reality.  Back on track….

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2 Responses to Back on Track

  1. Tami says:

    Glad you enjoyed your trip. You deserved some “Martha time”! You’re such an articulate and descriptive writer. Even though I learn details in person and on FB, I always enjoy these posts for another perspective on what you and your family are up to! xo


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