Taking Care of Business

Today is ‘streak day’ #159 – and it was a more challenging one.  It is 9pm and I just finished walking a very slow mile on our treadmill upstairs.  Less than 24 hours ago I was posting on the Facebook Optifast chat support board about how I always get straight into my workout clothes first thing in the morning after I weigh myself.  This morning I had an early meeting (and I just got my hair cut and colored last night) so I wanted to push my workout until later in the day.  Well, after taking my son out to shop for supplies for his basketball camp this weekend, I started feeling pretty lousy – I think my monthly friend is coming for a visit and I just feel like crap.  In an effort to listen to my body, I decided to take a “rest day” today and just walk the mile and save the gym for tomorrow morning.  I’m trying to get 3 weight training sessions in every week but I can do that tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get some Motrin on board early enough so I don’t get hit with cramps.  Anyway, the mile is done – I just didn’t like waiting until bedtime to do it.  The workouts have been going very well this week otherwise, I had 2 great weight sessions and ran multiple miles every day.  My endurance is improving.  Yesterday I started upping the incline on the treadmill to prepare me better for running outside.  I think a rest day was probably a smart thing to do anyway.

So, this week has been good.  Nothing too exciting – just the way I like it.  I’m just trying to take care of things that have been not taken care of in a long time.  We finally proceeded with getting our cabin mortgage refinancing started (unfortunately interest rates shot up in the 4 weeks it took for us to get going on this).  So, I have spent numerous hours scanning and uploading financial documents.  Joy.  I have also had a document that I was supposed to take care of about 3 years ago and I knew it was not completed and it literally has been in the back of my mind (off and on) for a long time.  The longer time went by, the more I knew it was going to be challenging to take care of.  Well, as part of this refinance, I needed to find it and deal with it once and for all.  I had to make a few phone calls (fortunately I found the lady/notary at the title company that we used) and she talked me down off the cliff. 🙂  Most of the problem was that I had no idea WHAT it was that I was supposed to be doing and I could barely even form a coherent question to ask anybody (it had to do with our trust/will/deed/title …. yuck!)  So, as of today, the paperwork is in the mail to the county recorder and should be taken care of.  I can’t even tell you what a relief that is.  Kicking myself for not just doing it earlier but I guess there was an avoidance issue going on there.  I don’t do that very often and I hope I have learned from this example.  In the end it wasn’t that big of a deal but I think it has, through the years, been gnawing at me.  I can’t tell you how many times I wandered into the kitchen looking for something to snack on instead of making the phone call to the title company.   Fortunately, I don’t think I ever ate anything and I noted the behavior – this is where I got into so much trouble in the past.  I wonder how many times I attempted to take care of this document in the past but instead got sidetracked by a bag of Cheetos and the DVR?

Lots of other project work going on too.  The kids and I designed an entertainment center for the playroom, drove down to IKEA, purchased and loaded it all together, and assembled it at home.  It was fun to use their input to build something.  They seemed to IMG_4105enjoy the whole process – including using tools, etc.  Now they have their TV for watching stuff and another TV for the XBOX and all of their games, videos, chargers, headsets, etc. have a home.  I also was getting tired of seeing them with their noses buried in their video game or computer screens for hours and hours on end so I established a very generous “screen time” list of rules.  They, of course, were not happy about it but I am tickled at the changes I have seen.  Basically I just want them to interact with each other more or spend time reading, learning something new, exercising, swimming … really anything.  So far I like what they are doing now to earn more “screen time”.  My son taught my younger daughter how to set up the snare drum for band and taught her how to play many of the 4th grade songs – she loved it!  They have been swimming together.  They played quite a few board games.  They went to the mall, bought themselves lunch and went shopping on their own while I had lunch with my dad.  So, all in all, that decreases my stress and raises my happiness when I don’t want to kill my children.

I’ve also done some major work on “de-cluttering”.  Sadly that has mostly meant dumping everything in our living room until I can sort it into piles for donation, etc.  But I am freeing up closet and storage space and seeing possibilities for getting more organized.  It is nice that as the kids get older, they have much less crap to find a home for.  I’m encouraged.  I’m almost finished with the Peter Walsh book, Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?,  and it just re-emphasizes what needs to change as far as getting better organized around the house as well as with our meal planning.

Busy busy days and weeks ahead though!  Heading to Prescott this weekend to deliver our son to a week of basketball camp.  Going to head north from there to visit family in Flagstaff for dinner and margaritas (yay!)  Then I’m home for 3 days then leave for my much anticipated trip to Santa Fe and spa weekend with my college besties.  Upon arriving home I have a couple of days to regroup and then we are heading to Missouri for my daughter’s USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Championship national competition in Kansas City.  I watched her practicing her passes today and she looks so good – sticking just about every landing and so proud of herself.  No matter what happens, I’m very proud of her work ethic this summer and really trying to nail down a great score.  We’ll be gone for 10 days and get to see friends, family, and sights along the way.  Lord knows how much I will weigh when I return but I’m confident I’ll get it back down.  I’m going to buy and pack protein bars to keep my blood sugar steady and help me to not overeat.  I’ll try to make mostly smart choices when eating out.   I’ve decided that we need to keep on a regular eating schedule on this trip.  We are not always good about that and then it can become sort of disastrous and we have some family members (me!) with cranky blood sugar issues and some not hungry because they have been snacking instead of eating a meal.  We will be walking a lot and I’ll have my workout clothes for some running.  But, most of all, I’m going to enjoy the time with my family!  I printed off a chart of my weight loss this month as I finish up my 2nd month of Maintenance.  My goal weight is 170lbs. and I’ve done pretty well staying under that number.  I recovered from the Portland trip surprisingly fast, so I have history in getting back under control now and that helps. month 2 maintenance weight chart OK, well that was supposed to be a short post but I guess I got a little long-winded (as usual!)  I always think it will be helpful for me to document what was going on at a particular moment in time though because, as I have learned, so much of it ties back into my weight management and how I handle the chaos in my life!

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