I’ve Had Better Days

Streak Day #162.  It almost didn’t happen.  In my last post I mentioned I wasn’t feeling very well.  I thought it was just PMS.  Well, things got worse and worse and I started getting the craziest chills I have ever had.  It is roughly 110 degrees here in Phoenix and I spent yesterday driving around with the seat heaters on in my car!  My husband thought I had lost my mind.  We drove my son up to Prescott, AZ to basketball camp and I shivered the whole way there.  We continued on to Flagstaff to meet family for dinner and they had to turn on their fireplace to keep me warm.  Unreal.  At some point during the driving, it occurred to me that this probably was not actually related to my monthly cycle and something else must be going on.  I started piecing together a few symptoms and, in between cell service on the Interstate, did a little research and started leaning towards a possible kidney infection or UTI.  I haven’t had any pain when I go to the bathroom but I have had darker urine a few times over the last few weeks and drinking extra water was not necessarily making it better.  Also, the dull pain that I thought were cramps are kinda radiating up and down my back in my flank area.  My neck is tender and I am a little headache-y too.  Throw in some periodic nausea and I have been a mess.

So, first thing this morning I made an appointment at my doctor’s office (not the weight loss center).  My doctor just works part time so I had to be seen by another physician in the practice.  He was very nice.  I used to not really feel comfortable about seeing doctors I wasn’t familiar with but I guess now that I know I won’t get a lecture about my weight, I’m a little more OK with it.  I doubt that would have happened anyway – but that is what I worried about in my pre-weight-loss world.  I explained my symptoms, he did a urinalysis and drew some blood.  He put me on the antibiotic, Cipro, and I’m supposed to check in in 24-48 hours.  By then my labs should be back.  He suspects a kidney infection too and after doing a little more internet searching, it makes more sense.  So, I now have a couple of doses of antibiotics on board and hope things start improving quickly because I have a most important SPA WEEKEND in Santa Fe coming up on Thursday.  Please, God, please help me feel better so I can enjoy a much much needed break from my busy world!

I did end up going to the Success Club meeting tonight.  Since I barely go to the clinic any more these are very important for me to attend since it keeps me connected to the process.  As usual, I didn’t have a whole lot to ask or contribute but just sitting there is helpful and gets me to refocus.  I kind of liken it to going to an AA meeting (never been to one) but I think maybe that is a similar analogy of accountability.

Anyway, back to the streak.  While driving home from Success Club, the chills came back with a vengeance because I got behind on my Motrin.  When I walked in the house my teeth began chattering like crazy.  I had to go straight to our inferno of a back yard – WITH a quilt, to warm up.  It was then that I decided, I could probably walk a mile slowly with the dog as it would definitely warm me up a little.  So, that is what I did.  Little Warner and I went on a very very leisurely walk.  I almost wore a jacket but decided against it.  Somebody might pull over and commit me.  The streak remains intact….barely.

I am hopeful that I can start to feel better by tomorrow.  I have 2 trips to be packing for and only a handful of days left.  Not a good time to feel lousy.  I hope the lab results don’t indicate something more serious – the doctor listed a lot of other not-so-pleasant possibility and asked me if I had eaten any of the Costco frozen berries that were recalled for hepatitis (no, fortunately!)

My weight is up a little bit which is not what I was shooting for heading into a vacation weekend but I also know that there is not much normal about my body right now.  I have very little appetite with this infection, I’m actually struggling to eat.  So, it is what it is.  My alcohol consumption is probably going to have to be cut to almost nothing this weekend too if I stay on this antibiotic.  This is a bummer but probably best for my weight management.  I will still have fun!

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