I am so happy to report that the antibiotics have kicked in and I am feeling like a new person.  I was doing better yesterday but still felt some lingering achiness and was still dealing with chills, although to a much lesser degree.  Today, I am actually sweating quite a bit which is a normal reaction to the 105 degree weather when one is running errands outside.  No seat heaters for me today!

It is scary when you feel so awful – it makes me realize how much I take my health for granted.  One of the things that scared me the most this time was I was getting very worried about losing my running progress.  Yesterday, the thought of running was so awful I thought that I had just lost everything that I had worked so hard for these last few months.  Of course, this is crazy.  It has been less than a week since I last ran, but I think there was still some infection in me sapping the life and energy out of my body, leaving me nothing but self doubt.  So, today, since I felt so much better, I went back to the gym to at least walk on the treadmill to get back into the routine.  As soon as I got there and started though, I knew I felt good enough to run.  I went slow, but I think that was really good “medicine” for me.  I ran a slow, easy mile but it was not hard at all.  That eased my fears quite a bit.  Then I did another mile with the incline turned up but walked it fast. I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow and although I hope to do some running while I am gone, getting that out of the way before I left was reassuring.  I know in the past my great gains in fitness or running have been thwarted by an illness and I really do not want that to happen again.

Tomorrow afternoon I leave for spa weekend.  I am so excited to re-connect with my friends.  We were all roommates, in some combination, all 4 years of college and we remain close friends after 20+ years.  We are all flying in from different parts of the country to Albuquerque and then will head up to Santa Fe on Friday.  Looking forward to a weekend of pampering!

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